We Broke our Schedule!!!


Over the weekend weekend we decided to make a spontaneous trip to Fallbrook to surprise Ryan’s Family with a visit!!! I am a schedule FREAK and a big time protector of their long afternoon nap, but we finally broke our schedule and it was SO WORTH it!!! We gave our babies their 12:30pm feeding, a bath, and hit the road. I am not gonna lie, half way into our drive when Jax was making fun noises and giggling at toys I got a little worried about our evening, but it went so smooth. We went in the pool, which Charlize and Sawyer LOVED!!! It was so great to spend time with Papa, Great Grandma, Uncle RV, Auntie Nicole, and Cousin Brayden!!! It was chaos, but organized chaos! And I was so proud that we finally took an adventure like this!! I love my sweet nephew, Brayden, as if he was my own and it brought my heart so much joy to watch Auntie Nicole and Uncle RV love on our babies with the same kind of love!!  Joy joy joy all over my heart! We headed home after their dinner feeding and the night was pretty smooth! My heart was truly so filled up with LOVE!


We have a VLOG coming later of our weekend, so stay tuned!!



Toys were everywhere. Dirty diapers. swimsuits. Empty milk bottles. It was perfection!

Can’t wait to get the VLOG up!!!

Last week, we braved it up and took a visit to Point Loma to visit my good friend who is very pregnant, Ashlyn. We had so so much fun!!! My heart rejoices that we are finally getting out and playing with all our friends!!!

Charlize has discovered her new favorite very expensive teething toy!!! Oh silly girl!!!


Overall, the babies seem to be making progress in the right direction. We are still struggling with GERD and gas here and there, but every couple days we have a night free of both!!! Praise Jesus!!! They are growing so fast. I cannot even stand it. My heart needs to be still in all these moments.

I am doing better with my postpartum anxiety as well. God is so beautiful and so redeeming.

This weeks goal: Put the babies to bed in their rock n’ plays without them rocking!!

This weeks photo shoot: St. patties shoot!! stay tuned!!

Fun fun fun ahead!!


Sisters Play Date!

image (28)

The Boys look so incredibly alike in this picture!!! I cannot even handle all the cuteness happening right now. They are getting so big and will be 7 months old next week!! Ayayaya it is just too much!!!

We had two photo shoots this week. I pretty much couldn’t help myself.



The babies are growing so fast. The boys are rolling machines and it is still a work in progress for Charlize. She is working hard at sitting up on her own. She absolutely loves looking out at everything and everyone. They all LOVE their solids!!! The boys eat the same exact way—with their fingers!! It is so funny!image (29)

Today we set ut for adventures with my sisters, Danielle and Deanna. We went to a park with the kids they nanny for and it was so much fun!! We were outnumbered by kids this time!! haha Danielle, my twin sister, is pregnant!! I cannot wait to find out if she is having a girl or boy–my guess is GIRL!

Here is their youtube video of their announcement: Baby baby Renfrow!!

image (31)

As usual, the swings were a huge hit!!!

image (35)image (38)image (39)

We have been having some good and bad nights over here with the babies. I do think we are making progress in the right direction. The babies are on Prilosec which I think is really helping with the GERD. #ohmygerd! Poor Jaxi-boy was in so much gerdy pain last night!! Made my heart hurt that mama cannot do much to help!

I am loving my Mommy life!! Time is going by so fast!! I am loving that I am finally blogging again and being able expose my vulnerable heart and write again. Here is my latest post on how my Doctor told me to stop breastfeeding to help with my PPD if you missed it: Doctor’s Orders: Stop Breastfeeding

I have been taking lots of videos of the babies and am hoping to make a fun video blog for everyone soon!!

Hugs and love from my trio!!!