Mommy Must Have


One of the most important Mom Must Haves is a diaper bag you love!!! You are basically taking your life with you, so you need something that functions well.

The AZARIA backpack diaper bag has done that for me. I love this minimalistic side of this bag and making things simpler for mama’s. The bag I have is the La Mere in Chestnut. There are many pockets which I love because I feel like my phone, wallet, and keys all need a designated spot in bag otherwise I never know where they are. What I especially love about this bag is that it can be a backpack. With 3 toddlers running around being able to carry on my back makes things so much easier, so Ic an hold hands without a diaper bag hitting someone in the face.

The La Mere bag is made of faux leather and has a very sophisticated design. The organized storage is incredible and will help any Mom like myself who often feels like I can’t find anything!


Their motto and mission couldn’t be more true: Make every day rosy” 

“Our mission is to help women with kids find more joy in everyday life. We believe there is a lot of truth in the saying that goes, “If mom isn’t happy, no one is happy!” Our hope is that our products can make every day a little happier, a little simpler, a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful. A little more rosy.”

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Happy Embryos Transfer Anniversary to Me

Three years ago today a miracle happened. I had two perfectly made embryos transferred to my womb as “It Is Well,” played so peacefully in the background with my Husband, Mom, IVF Doctor, and a few nurses present. It wasn’t exactly how I imagined we would conceive. My infertility journey: all the needles, ultrasounds, tears, negative pregnancy tests, a whole lot of money lied on this moment. Little did I know, God was about to give me more than I could even imagine. I would soon find out I was pregnant with triplets! There was life in my womb. One for each year we tried to conceive. 😍Hope anchors the soul and it anchored my journey. I knew my body was going to change dramatically, and it has. But my hope wounds mean so much to me. They represent every single part of the story the Lord has written for me. I understand self love more than I ever have before! Be proud of your bodies Mamas. And happy embryo transfer anniversary to me ❄️❄️❄️💕💕💕


Gift a Unique Wooden Watch this Valentine’s Day!!


Everyone needs one of you.


Everyone needs one of you.
For Christmas I was so excited to surprise Ry with this beautiful Dover Ebony and Rosewood watch.  JORD is an amazing brand that creates unique men’s watches as well as women’s. The watch Ryan is wearing is from the Dover series and is visually so interesting and captivating since it is a skeleton watch, meaning you can see almost all of the internal mechanisms.  It is perfect for any occasion and is absolutely gorgeous.  The beautiful contrast in colors are so catching to the eye.

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Have a great Day!! Love, Desiree

The Flu x3

untitled-10Ryan and I were fortunate enough to go away last weekend on our Ellen trip.  Last Christmas Ellen Degeneres had some major surprises for our family, but one major perk of our whole Ellen experience was that we got to be on her 12 Days of Giveaways and it was AMAZING. One of the gifts included was a weekend away at The Miraval in Arizona. It was the most relaxing trip ever and so needed for Ry and I.

As most parents know, when you go on a trip, you worry about everything and try to prepare for it while you’re away.  We are not away from the kids too often, especially over night, but I never imagined all three would come down with the flu while we were away…

We were greeted Sunday night with lots of smiles and puking too. Our poor little bunnies needed all kinds of extra snuggles. And I am pretty sure they loved every second of bed time snuggles on Mommy and Daddy’s new Sensor Gel Pillows from @sensorgel_

These pillows are so comfortable, plush, and thick.  We have gotten a better nights sleep from them. I think the triplets want them for themselves. The Fortin Family highly recommends them!

Our babes are finally on their way to feeling more like themselves… what a week it has been!


Dear Anxiety

Dear  Anxiety,

I see you.

In the last two years I have gotten to know on a pretty close level. You have come in and out of my life.  We are not friends.   To be honest, I  kind of loathe you, actually. More recently, you have become a daily battle for me. You can take any moment, any situation, and use it to bring some of the greatest panic and fear I have ever experienced.  It’s been a tough season for me as a Mother.  I am trying hard to be strong, to be brave; to find my value in who I am as Mom. There are times I feel lost in raising tiny humans, but I know I am doing a good job.  I know that Motherhood is not having the right answers.  It is sometimes simply winging it and not having a clue what you are doing.

However, if I am being entirely honest, the days you sneak up on me I have a pretty hard time seeing just how good of a job I am actually doing, especially when I feel like I should have the right answers.  I should know how to handle tantrums.  I should have well behaved children.  You are a master at speaking lies to me.  You are crippling.  You instill fear. You cause me to worry about things that may never even happen.  There have been days when I can’t even take my kids to the park because I am afraid they will be kidnapped.

You are paralyzing.

I first encountered you after the triplets were born.  You used sleep deprivation to suffocate me. I had no amount of energy and could never catch up on my sleep.  The panic attacks kicked in and swallowed me whole.  At the time, it was hard for me to even recognize and admit how difficult things were for me as a new Mom.   I wasn’t enjoying the season. I waited for so long to become a Mother and you hijacked my heart with guilt and told me lies about who I was as a Mom. You stole moments I could have shared with my babies.  I felt so lonely, so misunderstood.

I hated you then like I hate you know.

Eventually, I saw what was happening to me. My husband, friends and family-they saw it too. And I got the help I needed to learn how to manage you.

And yet, here we are, two years later, and I see you trying to poor the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion over me once again. You are using the terrible twos to make me question myself as a Mom and if I can even handle this tiring and often thankless job.  You use tantrums to suck every piece of patience right out of me. You constantly steal the grace I should have for myself as a Mother and exchange it with panic and guilt. You use Mom-shamers to steal my confidence.  You know all the tricks to make me believe untruths about who I am as a Mom.

However, the difference between two years ago and now is, now, I know how to face you a little better than I did before.  I know the importance of being vulnerable even when it is hard, even when I don’t want to. I know that I have to talk about the fact that right now, I am having a hard time enjoying this season of Motherhood; and that it is okay.  I have to cling to the people I trust most in my life; the ones who don’t judge me when my kids are throwing yogurt across the room during breakfast and enjoying a lollipop before 9am. The ones who still love me even when I lose my temper.  The ones who know I am just as mortified when my kid bites theirs.  The ones I can share my secrets with and know they are safe there.

I know when my husband says, “Go to target. Buy a new dress. I will get the kids to bed tonight,” I need to let him because he means it.  I see you and so does he.  I have been incredibly impressed by the actions he took to ensure we could walk through this season together and find solutions to help me through some pretty tough days. He made the big moves. He was willing to be there for me however I needed, to help me through this strangling season.

I know that I have to be willing to face you even when I am ashamed of the events of the day and how I responded to the whining, biting, fighting, crying, and hitting (And yes, sometimes all of that happens within minutes of each other).  Those are the days when my Mom anger kicks in, guilt takes over, and I am entirely ashamed of who I have become and how I have responded. Any kind of grace I could have had for myself is gone.  Those are the hardest days. I have learned how important grace is.  I don’t know what I am doing. I don’t have all the right answers.   I fail every day.  And that is okay.  That is grace.  I have to pray. I have to pray hard and know that God chose me to a be a Mom to my babies because He knew I could handle it.

I know when it is time to make a Doctor’s appointment and talk about medication to help.  To be honest, this step was probably the hardest for me.  It is hard to walk into the Doctor’s office and admit that you don’t have it all together.  However, I know that sometimes going on medication is just the best way to manage you.  There is no shame in that.  And this time around, I knew I needed to take those steps to get the help that I needed in order to get through my days a little better.

I am in the trenches of Motherhood trying to hold onto every bit of patience I could possibly have for my kids.  My days spent with three pretty active testing your limits two year olds are filled with all kinds of challenges. The days are getting better and you and I aren’t as close as we used to be, but it is still hard.   However, the beautiful thing is, is that God always makes beauty out of our ashes.  It is seasons like this that change you.  They allow to grow and become a stronger,  wiser version of yourself. They give you  hope and remind you just how great of a Mother you actually are. And that is what I will choose to take away from this incredibly exhausting, yet entirely empowering season of Motherhood.


The I still don’t always have it together Mom





“Did You Eat a Battery?”

22154707_1665271673537643_1894196492494654355_nWe I We spent half of our day making sure none of our children ate AAA batteries. It was certainly a day for the books.
I put the triplets down for their afternoon nap today and let’s just say their “nap” was certainly not my version of a nap. I had to go in their room a couple times because of fighting. Once it finally got quiet I went in to check on them and make sure everyone was asleep.
I found all three kids quietly playing with their night lights and the batteries that went with them. I was mortified. I frantically picked them up.
“Did you eat a battery? Did you put this in your mouth?” I asked relentlessly over and over.
They are two years old. The boys told me “No, Mama” and Charlize just said “Eat a battery.” All the batteries were accounted for, but l was worried. The night before I switched out the dead batteries with new ones. What if I forgot to throw them away? What if there was a loose one? I was frantic. Terrified. Guilt struck. I felt like I couldn’t even function.
I called my husband. I don’t even know how he understood what I was saying through my cries. He immediately left work, called our Doctor, and we took our kids in for x-rays. I’ve read several stories about kids swallowing small coin batteries and the dangers of batteries in general. Although I didn’t really think they actually swallowed a AAA battery, I knew it was possible and our Doctor of course agreed that we had to be certain.
“What are they here for?”
I was embarrassed to even say it out loud. “We are here to make sure none of them swallowed a AAA battery.”
They had their x-rays. Everyone was feeling normal. We waited for our Doctor to call with the results.
Relief. I felt like I could breathe again.
No one had swallowed a AAA battery.
“How did they get the batteries,” our Doctor asked.
I could feel the shame in my voice.
We used to have night lights that plugged into outlets but the kids messed around with those so we got battery operated night lights. I usually always stick them on top of the changing table out of arms reach. They have never tried climbing the table and so to be honest I never was really concerned… until today, when I found myself in the pit of my stomach terrified that one of my kids ate a battery. The triplets used their book basket to climb onto the the table. And they pushed just the right spot on and they had their hands on the batteries too.
I was naive to think that my kids wouldn’t do this. And there are a million things running through my head of what I should and shouldn’t have done, so I don’t really need anyone to tell me.  But, I have to remember that this job, being a Mom, is challenging. You are constantly making mistakes, learning, and growing. Being responsible for other humans is hard sometimes. Even though I am embarrassed and absolutely mortified of what happened that day; I am also relieved. I am thankful. My babies are safe. They are alive. Praise God.

Operation: Potty Training the Triplets


This is what we did, what we are doing, and how successful it has been!

  1. Our best approach was Go WITH THE FLOW

When the triplets were about 18 months old our Doctor recommended we get the potties out and see if it sparked any interest. Sure enough, it did, and one night both of our boys pooped and peed in the potty over and over agaub.  They were so excited. (And so were we). We praised them like you wouldn’t believe and that kick started it all.  We didn’t want to force potty training on them because we they were still so young, so we decided to try potty training with a go with the flow attitude knowing that if it was more of a struggle we wouldn’t push it. We have been “potty training” for probably about 2 months now.  It has never been stressful for us because of the approach we have taken.

    2. Should have bought lots of underwear! 

When we decided to potty train, we didn’t buy underwear right away.  We would ask the babes if they would want to use the potty frequently and at one point they would tell us they needed to go potty and rip the diapers off themselves. That’s when I knew we should buy underwear.  However, I only bought two packs of underwear (probably about 7 to a pack). I am not sure exactly what I was thinking because sometimes I would be behind on laundry and have no fresh underwear. It also didn’t help that Charlize was just wearing underwear for the fun of it and going “potty” even though nothing came out. Not to mention, there could be 7 accidents in a matter of 5 minutes…so lots of underwear is certainly needed. 

3. Praise them like crazy.

Anytime, one of the babes would go potty we would cheer them on.  We taught them that after they go potty to cheer and shout “I did it.” They are so proud of themselves, as well!!!  Charlize was a by stander for awhile and watched the boys pee on the potty until she finally went for it and is now actually using the potty as well.

4.  Don’t force them to wear underwear

Perhaps, if the triplets were older and we did potty training in three days, I would have done things differently.  However, I can only share from our own experiences and because our babes are still pretty young, we chose not to force them to wear the underwear and I think it was a good decision for us. We didn’t want them to have a negative connotation towards wearing underwear so if they weren’t feeling it, neither were we. We did this for about a week and now our babes ask to wear the underwear.   We still do diapers at nap time and bed time, but like I said this has been a go with the flow approach and I am okay with conquering nap and bed time at another time. We also have put the potties outside and let them run around naked and in underwear.

5. Pooping on the potty is just harder

It is interesting because the first time our boys used the potty, they pooped and then never did it again until last week.  Charlize still has a hard time with it, but like I said that’s why we are going with the flow.

That about sums it up. We are still potty training and the babes are still learning, but for the most part they get it and we are so proud of them!!! Potty training is pretty tough and their lots of accidents and lots of learning (on the both sides), but for us this has been a pretty good experience.  I am proud of the trio and proud of us, as parents too!

She had triplets too, but one was in Heaven…

untitled-23“I had triplets too.”

When she told me this, the only thing I heard was “HAD.” I knew she had a story and I knew I was going to listen. I knew my 60 minutes of child-free relaxation in a quiet room wasn’t about me anymore because I had to hear her story.  I knew these moments would change me and this woman, though I may never see her again, her story would be one I remembered.

It had been one of those really rough mom draining weeks. I was tired and overwhelmed with Motherhood, wondering if I was even doing a good job–whatever that actually looks like. My Mom so generously offered me a massage appointment that she had on the calendar later in the week and I was floored. I hadn’t had a massage in years.  I was so excited about this: an entire hour to myself; no kids, no talking, no responsibilities, no nothing. Just me. Dimmed lights. Nice smells, and my massage lady.

I was taken back to my room where I changed and laid on the table as I waited for my masseuse. My mom spoke very highly of her and I was so excited for this hour to rest, relax, close my eyes, and just soak in an entire hour of peace.

She walked in and I smiled at her. “Hi, my name is Desiree.”

“Nice to meet you.”

She asked me a few questions: “What brings you in? What areas in your body feel the most tense.”

“Well. I am a Mom to 18 month old triplets and it has just been so challenging lately.” I paused.


Usually when I tell people I have triplets the response is overwhelming, but this time I knew right away it was different. She paused, it was silent for a moment and then she smiled back at me.

“I had triplets.”

My heart kind of sank. I knew already her story was one with an outcome terribly heartbreaking. I didn’t know whether to ask more questions or let her lead the conversation. It was in that moment I knew the massage I was waiting for was no longer going to be a quiet, peaceful, or even a fall asleep kind of massage. But what I also realized was this moment just wasn’t about me anymore.  For whatever reason, she needed to share her story and I needed to hear it.

We proceeded our conversation.

“You did?”

She then shared her gut-wrenching story with me.

She was on bed rest very early in her pregnancy and at 29 weeks she went to the hospital because she knew something was wrong. She was admitted right away and had an emergency c-section. She was knocked out for the entire delivery and didn’t even get to meet her babies for days.  Her pregnancy was causing liver and kidney failure.  She was on the brink of death and her entire body was shutting down. The Doctor told her if she would have waited 6 more hours she would have died.

Her triplets were all under 3 pounds and in the NICU. Like myself, she had two boys and a girl. After her babies were born she remained in the ICU, while her triplets also remained in the NICU, but at a completely different hospital. After a few weeks in the ICU, she was finally released.  She had only 10 days left to spare with her son before he became an Angel in Heaven.

My heart was so heavy, shattered.  I cannot even imagine.  I could feel my emotions burning inside. As I laid with my head buried in the massage table, tears began to quietly roll down my cheeks. There truly is a remarkable strength and bravery from someone who has had to bury their child.  The kind of grief and loss this woman faced is hard for me to even comprehend, but she shared her story with so much love.

“What was his name?” I asked.

“Sawyer.” She said.

I paused, holding back my tears.

“I have a Sawyer too.”

Before I knew it my hour was up and our conversation was over.  I thanked this woman for sharing her story with me. I was deeply moved by her honesty and willingness to share something so painful.

We all have a story and we all want to be heard.  And honestly, you just never know what someone is going through or experiencing.  Sharing in a moment like this (with a complete stranger) blessed my heart so deeply and it was a divine moment for me, one that  I will never forget.

I know there comes extreme pain with the loss of a child and I truly can’t imagine how hard the road of grief and pain that this kind of loss brings. For this woman, her Sawyer had been gone for 8 or 9 years and maybe just talking about him was what she needed that day. Maybe it was just good for her soul to talk about her Sawyer and remember him.  Maybe it was the anniversary of his death. Or maybe it was just the most perfect moment for two moms who had never met to share their stories. Either way, it was the perfect 60 minutes of a kid free afternoon. I got more out of this hour than I would have just laying on a table getting my body massaged. I was reminded to value the time that I have with my loved ones. I was also reminded that my pregnancy, delivery, and birth of my three healthy babies was truly a miracle, a gift from Heaven.  I know there are many hard days that come with Motherhood and I hope that in my hardest days I can be reminded that every single day is a gift and you truly never know when it is your last, so take it in and soak it up.

I came home that day and snuggled my miracles as much as I could. I gripped them so tightly thanking God for their daily breath and the moments I get to share with them as their Mama.