Meet Elizabeth


Meet Elizabeth

“Finally, a bag that’s as beautiful as she is functional.”-Lily Jade

This couldn’t be more true about the Elizabeth bag of Lily Jade. As a Mom of triplets, I have been searching and searching for a diaper bag that was functional and realistic as a Mom of multiples. I have found myself using countless beach bags that often don’t work because that’s not what they were designed for, not to mention you can never find anything!


The Elizabeth is a stunning natural tanned leather and is perfect in size. On a normal day in my life, I need TRIPLE of everything whenever I takes the kids out. For me, size is incredibly important. I also love that it can be worn as a back pack or messenger carry. I love using it as a backpack with the triplets because typically we are holding hands and walking and this allows me to easily. The other great thing about this bag

The other incredible thing about this bag, is the 12 pocket organizer. INCREDIBLE!!! It includes a changing pad, and is removable and washable. This particular accessory makes this bag one of a kind and must have!!

The Elizabeth has four large exterior pockets. I LOVE THIS. I feel like I can find all of my important necessities in a daily outing because the thought that took into the deign of this bag.  My life before @lilyjadeco was a little bit more unorganized when it came to do daily adventures with the triplets. This bag helps me stay organized. I know where to find my keys, wallet, phone, extra underwear for the kids, water bottles, etc. Amazing.


Lily Jade has several unique bags designed so perfectly. You can tell that there was so much thought put into each bag and the beauty and functionality of each!!!

You can follow Lily Jade on instagram or check out their website to see all the amazinf diaper bags Lily Jade has to offer us Mama’s!untitled-2-2

Pain has a Purpose


I was so honored to share my story with L.O.S.E. Health and Wellness magazine.

My journey to become a Mama was one filled with many tears, but more hope than I could imagine. Pain has a purpose and God showed me that through my story!!

You can purchase the issue here: LOSE Health and Wellness Magazine

Also, tonight you can share in the amazing interview I had with the Publisher, Sherell Brown. She is an amazing woman of God and being able to share my story with her meant so much!!

Here is the link: Real Talk with Sherell Brown

Little Spoon

I am so excited to share Little Spoon with you!!! I love so much about this amazing company.  Little Spoon makes fresh organic meals for your baby delivered straight to your door.  Each meal is composed of plant-based ingredients and super foods … Continue reading

Mini Getaway!

I don’t even know what my husband does to make this kind of magic happen, but last week, Ry and I got to have an overnight getaway at The Montage in Laguna Beach.


It was so good, so needed, so relaxing, so restful.

This was undoubtably probably one of my most favorite trips we have ever been on together, but something about it was just so special. I was reminded how important it is as husband and wife to get away and have days for just each other.

The Montage is a super fancy hotel and WAY out of our league, but like I said, Ry has this way about him and makes magic happen. We were fortunate to be away from the kids for two days and literally soaked in every second of no plans at all. I strongly encourage all you married couples out there to make time for each other, whether it be an hour or overnight, it is truly so refreshing!

My heart is so full of love and appreciation for my sweet Ry.


All About the Tote


I am so excited to share with you my LOVE for Buffalo Jackson and the incredible line of not just many amazing leathers they have, but specifically their leather totes! Every woman needs a good tote, one that is beautifully designed and functionable.  I love every detail about the Camden Braided Leather Tote.  It is absolutely perfect in size for the Mom on the go or simply a night out. What I especially love about this tote is that it is not only useful for a day in the life of mothering triplets, but also perfect for going out (alone).  It is nice to have a bag that can hold all my necessary belongings and portray so much beauty.


What is even more spectacular about the Camden Tote is the functionality of the inner pockets!!! I love this in particular about this tote because I often find myself not knowing where my keys, sunglasses, credit card, etc. are, but the pockets make it so much easier for myself to stay organized.  Huge Mom Perk!


The Camden Braided Tote  can be described as a “rugged beauty.” Along with being designed well, it is a gorgeous tote! It is a tumbled full grain leather with handmade braided details. The interior is incredibly spacious and it includes a magnet for compartment closure.


Buffalo Jackson isn’t just known for their incredible leathered goods, but they have an amazing apparel selection, accessories, bags, etc. Everything is beautiful handcrafted and designed. Check out their website! You will fall in love just like I have!



Never a Dull Moment


It’s Saturday morning.


The kids have been up for awhile already, but are playing in their room (or so we thought).

Extreme laughter is taking place.

All I can think is, “it is so nice to hear them laughing so hard and playing so well together.”

I was not about to get out of bed. It’s Saturday morning after all (which by the way means nothing when you have kids).

Gut laughter continues. I mean they are really having fun.

Finally, Ryan decided we should probably check on them.

“Oh no. This is a big no no you guys.”Is all I can hear.

I get out of bed and go to their room to find no one.


I head to the bathroom and see that our children were having their own splash party with the toilet.

They took toys, socks, bottles of shampoo, pretty much anything they could find (including their hands) and threw it in the toilet so the toilet water could splash all over them… and everywhere.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Triplets 😂💕 Never a dull moment.