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I am so excited to introduce you to Cleo Madison.  I am in love with this beautiful boutique that offers modest, yet incredibly gorgeous and stylish apparel for women.  I also love the heart behind this brand. I think it is … Continue reading

Confessions of the Anxious Mama: I hated Breastfeeding


I hated breastfeeding.
There. I said it.
When my triplets were born I experienced some complications and nearly lost my life. My Doctor told me I would likely not be able to breastfeed, but miraculously my body produced enough milk for all 3 babies. It was such a miracle and I was so proud of my body for functioning the way it was supposed to. I came to the NICU everyday with milk that I pumped the night before and I would take turns nursing the triplets hoping to experience “the bond” I often heard about.
When we finally came home with our babies, I pumped exclusively. The triplets all had GERD, which made feedings stressful because each baby needed individual attention. And I was already so exhausted, pumping didn’t help. But I kept telling myself I needed to do this for my babies. I felt like I would be failing them (and myself) otherwise. A “friend”even told me that “formula is poison.” What a disappointment I would be if I chose to stop.
The weeks continued to go by and I was in a fog. I knew I wasn’t myself. I started to despise breastfeeding and even felt jealous of my husband as he laid in bed while I stuck a machine to my boobs.
There was such a tug-a-war in my heart. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed because I didn’t want to breastfeed anymore. Guilt can ruin you.
When the babies were 3 months old I finally saw my Doctor to seek help for my postpartum anxiety and depression. It was one of the hardest steps, but the best thing I could have done for myself. I needed help. I was exhausted, in a depression, just not my normal self. The very first thing she suggested was to stop breastfeeding. She even wrote me a prescription that said “stop breastfeeding.” I felt like she gave me permission to stop.
So I did.
If you take anything from this, take this:
Fed is best. Breastfed. Formula fed. It doesn’t matter. Either way, you’re an amazing mom. Surround yourself with people who will support you because you need that, especially as a Mom. Ultimately, we are all working hard to raise good humans, so let’s stand together Mama’s and support each other.


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Confessions of the Anxious Mama: I just want to Sleep


Lack of sleep is like a poison.
Like all new moms the sleep deprivation kicked in hard when the triplets were born. It was a whole new level of exhaustion and the culprit of my postpartum depression and anxiety.
One night when the babies were just weeks old. I had just finished nursing Charlize. I cradled her in my arms and dosed off. And by dosed off I mean, I fell into a deep hard sleep.
Suddenly, frantically, I woke up, shouting “we forgot to feed the babies.” I startled Ryan as I jumped out of bed without even realizing I had Charlize in my arms. I remember Ryan shouting “Babe. No!” as if he was watching a slow motion film. Fortunately, Charlize was cradled in my left arm so she slipped right into the bed, but if she was in my right arm, she would have fallen on the floor. My sleep deprivation put me into a delirium. I was exhausted all the time. This moment told me lies about who I was early on as a new Mom and instilled fear in my heart.
Sleep is a need. It is medicine to our soul. It helps us stay healthy. I was not prepared for the lack of sleep that would intrude my being and ruin my functionality as a Mom. It heightened my anxiety and put me into a depression. I wanted to be in bed all day, but I couldn’t. I was a Mom to three tiny newborns who needed me. I felt so incapable.


I had no clue what I was doing. The triplets suffered from GERD, which didn’t help. Feedings required extra help and individual attention. I often wondered how God could entrust me with all 3 of them. I hated feeling like I needed help, like I couldn’t be a mother on my own. But what I learned is that it takes a village to be a good mom. I needed to ask for help. I needed to go on meds to help me function. I needed a Mommy helper. I needed to do things that would help me get through such a hard season.
My babies are toddlers now and I can tell you, I still need my sleep. If I am not getting the sleep I need I turn into a monster. I have less patience and am sometimes reminded of all the lies I believed about myself back when my babes were newborns. However, what I’m reminded of more than anything, is that, it takes a village and it’s okay to ask for help.

To The Woman Struggling to Face This Mother’s Day


To the woman struggling to face this Mother’s Day,
I know this day may be a hard day. I know you’re heart is hurting and grieving. You long to be a Mother and I know this Day is reminder that your womb is empty. Trust me, I know. I know Moms everywhere are celebrated and you desire so deeply to relish in a role so special and honorary.
This Mother’s Day, I celebrate you. You are strong and brave. I celebrate you for not losing hope and being patient in the midst of God’s details. I celebrate you because infertility sucks and fertility treatment is exhausting emotionally, physically, and financially. Trust me, I know.
I celebrate you because the scar on your stomach represents a child who was welcomed into Heaven’s gates sooner than you imagined. I know you’re grieving, Mama. I celebrate you because it takes so much bravery to bury your baby. Mama, I’m sorry. I know the day you lost your baby it was heart wrenching-the ugly cry kind of heart wrenching.
I celebrate you because even though your baby left your womb far too early in pregnancy, you’re a Mom. I know you were dreaming of life with her. I know you think of her often. And I’m so sorry for your loss.

Mama, I celebrate you because you take kids in that need a home until they find their forever home. Being a foster parent is not an easy job! We need more Mama’s like you in our world

Mama, I’m so sorry the adoption process is taking forever. I know you desire so desperately to hold your baby in your arms. I celebrate you because adoption takes a special kind of Mother’s heart and your babies are lucky to have you.

Mama, thank you for being a spiritual mom. Even though you may not have given birth, you are a Mom to many. You have a Mother’s heart. Never forget that.

Friend, I’m so sorry your Mama is gone. I know it must be hard carrying on life without her. I’m sorry you can’t share this Day with her and tell her how much you love her.
On this Mother’s Day, I remember you! You are not alone and you are not forgotten. To the mama struggling to face this Mother’s Day, I’m thinking of you
I once was you.

Just a Casual Stroll with their Babies


It doesn’t get much cuter than THIS!!!

All three of our kids are obsessed with babies. For Christmas, I got Charlize a baby doll and the boys boy baby dolls (in which they both named Rufio haha). With every baby doll you need the perfect baby doll stroller.  And I couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you: TRIOKID.

Triokid shares the idea of “true toys.” This is something I love because it motivates children to create and explore their own ideas and experiences. Triokid brings so much inspiration in turning family moments into quality family time together.

We have both the blue and pink Sportline Stroller. This stroller is durable and features a carrycot for the baby doll to lay, which can be adjust forward or backward. It is very sturdy and the handle can be adjusted, which is great because as the triplets grow we can adjust the handle to fit them perfectly.  It also includes a storage basket, which I love. This is something I know will last years in our family.  Seeing them create moments and care for their babies is the sweetest and I love watching them use their imaginations in this way.

@triokid releases the power of imagination and I love seeing my crew creating and sharing moments and new experiences together. Be sure to check out Trio Kid to explore all they have to offer.


My Infertility Dress


I call this Dress “My Infertility Dress.”

I couldn’t more excited to tell you about Carissa Miss and why I not only love their beautiful dresses, but the passion and love behind the dress moves my heart so deeply.

@shopcarissamiss not only has a beautiful line of clothing that you will love, but they are designed as a non-profit committed to increasing awareness about infertility. 100% of their proceeds fund infertility grants. This is amazing and truly touches my heart so deeply, especially after suffering through such a painful season in my life. Though I have my miracles now, it is amazing to be able to represent a shop that stands for and shares in the same values as myself. I am so honored to be represent this beautiful line of women’s clothing.

The dress I am wearing is called The Camille Sheath It features high scoop neck, pockets, and elbow-length sleeves. The pockets in itself are a game changer. It is so comfortable and is absolutely stunning. I love the flare in the dress, as well. It can also be dressed down or up. I think now that I am a Mom sometimes I want to be able to wear something beautiful, but also casual because I will doing the mom life all day long.  This dress is a must have. And another reason to love this dress even more: all proceeds from this dress go to fund the IVF infertility grant that will be awarded December 2018. Simply incredible.

You can use code: Desiree for 15% off your order!! Happy Shopping



I recently discovered WINK Naturals and I am loving everything about this amazing company and their natural products. Wink Naturals is a company that has 100% natural, chemical and drug free products that offer solutions to everyday struggles!  I was initially interested … Continue reading