Meet Desiree

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Hi guys! I’m Desiree. I am a stay at home Mom, wife, and newborn/birth photographer (and I, of course, take pictures of my kids A LOT). We live in beautiful Encinitas, CA and love raising our babes in the gorgeous beachy city. My hubby is Ryan. We are both twins. I have an identical twin sister and he has twin sister. We married in May of 2009. We have 3 babes; Charlize, Sawyer, and Jax. They are my hope triplets and they entered our worlds in August 2015.  Parenthood is wild crazy journey. Here you will find my adventures in mothering three toddlers at one time, my emotional infertility journey, and the raw and honest truth about postpartum and anxiety/depression and what that was like for me. I think sharing our journeys bring us closer together and help us to not feel alone. You will also find my favorites of everything here too!!!

I met Ryan in college. We both went to Point Loma Nazarene University. I majored in Photography.  I knew soon after I met Ry that he was the one.  We got married soon after I graduated college. (Ry was 2 years ahead of me). Ry is a PE teacher for an Elementary school in Del Mar and LOVES his job. He works so hard for our family.


After we were married a few years, we decided to try for a baby. However, our journey was not what expected or hoped for; BUT it was so much better than anything I could have ever created for myself. I called my journey to become a Mom, my journey of hope. We struggled to conceive on our own because I have PCOS, one of the top leading causes of infertility. After 3 years, lots of tears, healthy eating, money, support from people who personally know us and don’t know us, injections, 2 IUI’s, and one round of IVF we finally became pregnant… with three babies!!! Our Gender Reveal went viral. It was probably one of my favorite moments—ever.


We moved in with my parents two months before the babies came. I went on bed rest (all at home) two days after we moved in. My babies came in August 2015. I delivered at 34 weeks, 1 day and they were all about 5 pounds each!! Such a miracle.


Now I am sharing our journey of parenting and the ups and downs of Motherhood. I went through postpartum anxiety and depression and it was on of the HARDEST seasons of my life, but I write about it because someone needs too–and if I can bring hope and love to someone walking through their own struggles than God is using me. I also love sharing my story of infertility and all the emotions that come with that walk. As, well something we will soon be experiencing is embryo adoption. We are planning to adopt out our remaining embryos. Though we are not quite ready yet, I know God will prepare us for that part of our journey too.


I hope you can enjoy my page and follow along!!!