Be True, Be You!


Somehow the summer slipped through our fingers and here we are just a couple weeks out as my triplets (and myself) prepare to start a new journey: Pre-School. I am not sure I am ready for this next part of their journey, but I know they are. I hope more than anything as they grow in their schooling years they always remember the unique individual beauty that comes when you simply #beyourself This is a key element in our parenting.  We need to raise our generation to know how loved they are and the incredible beauty that comes in just being yourself.

The triplets are excited to embark on this new adventure in style with the one and only, Oshkosh. The triplets have always been #Oshkoshkids.  Not only is @oshkoshkids the most adorable brand fitting for all children, but has a variety of styles that meet the personality of EVERY kind of child and help them to #beyourself

Overalls are the perfect look for all seasons and so Oshkosh. I am pretty I have captured some of the sweetest moments of my crew in their Oshkosh overalls since they were babies. They are comfortable and just darling. Charlize, of course, was obsessed over the fact that her overalls were pink, with a pocket heart!! She is all girl!! And the boys were all kinds of happy in their sun-faded light denim overalls.  It makes my heart so joyful to see so much joy amongst my little people.

My kids get especially excited when they put on an outfit they love and Oshkosh does this every single time. My boys couldn’t get over the fact that there were ice cream cones all over their summer icon button down shirts. So much, that they were on a mission to find “the Ice Cream Man.” Such a simple look, yet stylish and certainly brings out the intense love my boys have for ice cream!


While the triplets are all so different, they also have many qualities that describe them as individuals. Sawyer is strong and loves sports. Jax loves race cars and little trinkets. And Charlize is all about baby dolls and reading.  However, one thing they all share, is their love for hot dogs!!! This hot dog muscle tank  was a MUST HAVE as soon as I saw it. The great thing about #oshkosh is that they inspire kids to be unique and embrace their individuality and they also inspire kids to soak in the moments when they are there “for the hot dogs.”

Oshkosh makes it easy for kiddos to show off their fashion and mix and match their clothes. There is much variety to choose from, which is truly what allows each and every kid to #beyourself. I know my crew will be decked out in the cutest fashion as they start school, which brings out all the little things that make each one them unique to themselves.  I may be in tears as I send them off to preschool, but I know they will love every second learning and growing, while rocking their individual styles.


Oshkosh is also giving you a chance to score all your back-to-school favorites for your babes that bring style and encourage them to be themselves with this coupon, which gives you 20% off your $40 purchase. Such a deal. Click here to get the coupon.

To Find a store near you, click here. Happy Back to School shopping and don’t forget, #beyourself.

Lastly, I wanted to share the #oshkoskkids Photo Sweeps with you!! This is an amazing opportunity for you to earn some cash for your school or classroom, along with a little Oshkosh shopping spree. The sweepstakes begins 8/27-9/8. To win tag your photo with #firstdaysweetstakes. So fun!!!

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