Just a Casual Stroll with their Babies


It doesn’t get much cuter than THIS!!!

All three of our kids are obsessed with babies. For Christmas, I got Charlize a baby doll and the boys boy baby dolls (in which they both named Rufio haha). With every baby doll you need the perfect baby doll stroller.  And I couldn’t be more excited to introduce to you: TRIOKID.

Triokid shares the idea of “true toys.” This is something I love because it motivates children to create and explore their own ideas and experiences. Triokid brings so much inspiration in turning family moments into quality family time together.

We have both the blue and pink Sportline Stroller. This stroller is durable and features a carrycot for the baby doll to lay, which can be adjust forward or backward. It is very sturdy and the handle can be adjusted, which is great because as the triplets grow we can adjust the handle to fit them perfectly.  It also includes a storage basket, which I love. This is something I know will last years in our family.  Seeing them create moments and care for their babies is the sweetest and I love watching them use their imaginations in this way.

@triokid releases the power of imagination and I love seeing my crew creating and sharing moments and new experiences together. Be sure to check out Trio Kid to explore all they have to offer.


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