I recently discovered WINK Naturals and I am loving everything about this amazing company and their natural products. Wink Naturals is a company that has 100% natural, chemical and drug free products that offer solutions to everyday struggles!  I was initially interested in this product for myself, as I have been struggling with sleeping well and anxiety.  But what I love about WINK is that it is  safe for the whole family. We have even used a few of their products on the kids.  I absolutely love this company.


The  Adult Zen Melts have melatonin and L-Theanine.  They work incredible and don’t make you feel groggy in the mornings. I started taking these recently because I have been struggling to turn my mind off at night.  It is a fast absorbing pill that melts right on the tongue. I take it about 30 minutes before I go to bed. It has really helped.


Anxiety Zen drops-I have recently been struggling a lot with my anxiety.  I started taking the anxiety zen drops in my coffee every morning.  It is an anxiety support that promotes peace and anxiety relief naturally, non habit forming. It helps calm my often racing mind and kind of take the edge off. I love it.


Foaming Oil bath wash– My kids are obsessed with baths, so we are all on board with the foaming oil bath wash!! This is the first foaming oil bath wash on the market. The kids love using this as a bubble bath.  It lasts the whole bath and smells so good.  I also like that it can bring a calming effect before bed time with the kids. The foaming bath wash is also hypoallergenic and no tear! Safe for newborns to adults!


Llama Lotion-I love this lotion. My husband and I were convinced that once we started using this that our babes started sleeping through the night. It paraben, fragrance and is dye free.  It is made with essential oils that offer an amazing citrus lavender aroma,  It can also be used for eczema, dry itchy skin, cradle cap, teething rash, etc.  We have been using this every night with the triplets. I have noticed their skin isn’t as dry and I love how it offers such a calm and relaxing smell, like the bath wash.

There are so many great things about Wink Naturals! You will fall in love with their all natural products and be amazed by difference it makes in your family’s life.



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