“You complain way too much. I’m surprised God granted you any little blessings.”


“You complain way too much. I’m surprised God granted you any little blessings.” These are the words someone actually left for me to read on one of my #ripmomtruths photos.

Speechless? I was.
This is not the first time someone has used their words or even the power of cyber bullying to shame me as a Mother. I have seen it time and time again. I think I can attest for most Moms out there: we are just trying to be the best we can be for our children and raise good loving respectful human beings. Instead of judging one another or offering hateful unsupportive opinions, we need to be supporting, encouraging and lifting one another up. Otherwise, we are doing a disservice to each other and to our children, the next generation.
Mama’s if you have been shamed, I am sorry. You are not deserving of those words. I know they were likely hurtful and painful to hear. I know that it might be hard, but in the words of Taylor Swift, “shake it off.” Those words don’t define you and there is no room in your heart for that kind of negativity.

This is what you need to know, Mama’s. You are doing an incredible job. You are strong, beautiful, and brave. You are valued and loved. You are an absolutely an amazing Mom.
It doesn’t matter whether you are a new mom or experienced mom; you are amazing. It doesn’t matter whether you are sleep deprived or having a hard time enjoying this season of motherhood, you are still doing great Mama. This is just a season and you are the trenches with the rest of us. It doesn’t matter whether you have time to exercize or not; or whether you eat organic apples or regular ones; you are doing the very best you can. It doesn’t matter whether you do formula or breast, your baby is fed. Good job Mom. It doesn’t matter if you complain or just lost it on your kids, you are good Mom trying hard to raise good humans. Have grace for yourself because hard days happen. It doesn’t matter how you became a Mom, you’re a Mom, and you’re one of a kind. You are loved, valued, and celebrated. Be confident in who you are Mama’s!! And don’t let anyone tell you anything different!!

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