Meet Elizabeth


Meet Elizabeth

“Finally, a bag that’s as beautiful as she is functional.”-Lily Jade

This couldn’t be more true about the Elizabeth bag of Lily Jade. As a Mom of triplets, I have been searching and searching for a diaper bag that was functional and realistic as a Mom of multiples. I have found myself using countless beach bags that often don’t work because that’s not what they were designed for, not to mention you can never find anything!


The Elizabeth is a stunning natural tanned leather and is perfect in size. On a normal day in my life, I need TRIPLE of everything whenever I takes the kids out. For me, size is incredibly important. I also love that it can be worn as a back pack or messenger carry. I love using it as a backpack with the triplets because typically we are holding hands and walking and this allows me to easily. The other great thing about this bag

The other incredible thing about this bag, is the 12 pocket organizer. INCREDIBLE!!! It includes a changing pad, and is removable and washable. This particular accessory makes this bag one of a kind and must have!!

The Elizabeth has four large exterior pockets. I LOVE THIS. I feel like I can find all of my important necessities in a daily outing because the thought that took into the deign of this bag.  My life before @lilyjadeco was a little bit more unorganized when it came to do daily adventures with the triplets. This bag helps me stay organized. I know where to find my keys, wallet, phone, extra underwear for the kids, water bottles, etc. Amazing.


Lily Jade has several unique bags designed so perfectly. You can tell that there was so much thought put into each bag and the beauty and functionality of each!!!

You can follow Lily Jade on instagram or check out their website to see all the amazinf diaper bags Lily Jade has to offer us Mama’s!untitled-2-2

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