Little Spoon


I am so excited to share Little Spoon with you!!! I love so much about this amazing company.  Little Spoon makes fresh organic meals for your baby delivered straight to your door.  Each meal is composed of plant-based ingredients and super foods — like avocado, butternut squash, quinoa, flax and turmeric.  Little Spoon provides a suited plan for a child’s developmental and nutritional needs at each age.

Something I love about Little Spoon is that it not only provides wonderful nourishment for babies and children, they will customize a nutrition plan that fits your child accordingly. Their fresh and healthy approach to nutritional eating is spot on. They also deliver right to your doorstep. Doesn’t get much better than that!

The triplets LOVE @littlespoon

Little Spoon can be a great afternoon snack or sometime for your babes to enjoy with their meal. It is such a wonderful option for something fresh and organic.


As a parent, knowing your child is getting proper nourishment is always important. I love what Little Spoon offers.  It was soo great seeing the triplets fully enjoy Little Spoon. Be sure to check out all Little Spoon has to offer!

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