Mini Getaway!

I don’t even know what my husband does to make this kind of magic happen, but last week, Ry and I got to have an overnight getaway at The Montage in Laguna Beach.


It was so good, so needed, so relaxing, so restful.

This was undoubtably probably one of my most favorite trips we have ever been on together, but something about it was just so special. I was reminded how important it is as husband and wife to get away and have days for just each other.

The Montage is a super fancy hotel and WAY out of our league, but like I said, Ry has this way about him and makes magic happen. We were fortunate to be away from the kids for two days and literally soaked in every second of no plans at all. I strongly encourage all you married couples out there to make time for each other, whether it be an hour or overnight, it is truly so refreshing!

My heart is so full of love and appreciation for my sweet Ry.


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