All About the Tote


I am so excited to share with you my LOVE for Buffalo Jackson and the incredible line of not just many amazing leathers they have, but specifically their leather totes! Every woman needs a good tote, one that is beautifully designed and functionable.  I love every detail about the Camden Braided Leather Tote.  It is absolutely perfect in size for the Mom on the go or simply a night out. What I especially love about this tote is that it is not only useful for a day in the life of mothering triplets, but also perfect for going out (alone).  It is nice to have a bag that can hold all my necessary belongings and portray so much beauty.


What is even more spectacular about the Camden Tote is the functionality of the inner pockets!!! I love this in particular about this tote because I often find myself not knowing where my keys, sunglasses, credit card, etc. are, but the pockets make it so much easier for myself to stay organized.  Huge Mom Perk!


The Camden Braided Tote  can be described as a “rugged beauty.” Along with being designed well, it is a gorgeous tote! It is a tumbled full grain leather with handmade braided details. The interior is incredibly spacious and it includes a magnet for compartment closure.


Buffalo Jackson isn’t just known for their incredible leathered goods, but they have an amazing apparel selection, accessories, bags, etc. Everything is beautiful handcrafted and designed. Check out their website! You will fall in love just like I have!



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