Never a Dull Moment


It’s Saturday morning.


The kids have been up for awhile already, but are playing in their room (or so we thought).

Extreme laughter is taking place.

All I can think is, “it is so nice to hear them laughing so hard and playing so well together.”

I was not about to get out of bed. It’s Saturday morning after all (which by the way means nothing when you have kids).

Gut laughter continues. I mean they are really having fun.

Finally, Ryan decided we should probably check on them.

“Oh no. This is a big no no you guys.”Is all I can hear.

I get out of bed and go to their room to find no one.


I head to the bathroom and see that our children were having their own splash party with the toilet.

They took toys, socks, bottles of shampoo, pretty much anything they could find (including their hands) and threw it in the toilet so the toilet water could splash all over them… and everywhere.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Triplets 😂💕 Never a dull moment.

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