Mommy Must Have


One of the most important Mom Must Haves is a diaper bag you love!!! You are basically taking your life with you, so you need something that functions well.

The AZARIA backpack diaper bag has done that for me. I love this minimalistic side of this bag and making things simpler for mama’s. The bag I have is the La Mere in Chestnut. There are many pockets which I love because I feel like my phone, wallet, and keys all need a designated spot in bag otherwise I never know where they are. What I especially love about this bag is that it can be a backpack. With 3 toddlers running around being able to carry on my back makes things so much easier, so Ic an hold hands without a diaper bag hitting someone in the face.

The La Mere bag is made of faux leather and has a very sophisticated design. The organized storage is incredible and will help any Mom like myself who often feels like I can’t find anything!


Their motto and mission couldn’t be more true: Make every day rosy” 

“Our mission is to help women with kids find more joy in everyday life. We believe there is a lot of truth in the saying that goes, “If mom isn’t happy, no one is happy!” Our hope is that our products can make every day a little happier, a little simpler, a little more meaningful, a little more beautiful. A little more rosy.”

You can also follow Azaria Brand on Instagram: @azariabrand



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