Operation: Potty Training the Triplets


This is what we did, what we are doing, and how successful it has been!

  1. Our best approach was Go WITH THE FLOW

When the triplets were about 18 months old our Doctor recommended we get the potties out and see if it sparked any interest. Sure enough, it did, and one night both of our boys pooped and peed in the potty over and over agaub.  They were so excited. (And so were we). We praised them like you wouldn’t believe and that kick started it all.  We didn’t want to force potty training on them because we they were still so young, so we decided to try potty training with a go with the flow attitude knowing that if it was more of a struggle we wouldn’t push it. We have been “potty training” for probably about 2 months now.  It has never been stressful for us because of the approach we have taken.

    2. Should have bought lots of underwear! 

When we decided to potty train, we didn’t buy underwear right away.  We would ask the babes if they would want to use the potty frequently and at one point they would tell us they needed to go potty and rip the diapers off themselves. That’s when I knew we should buy underwear.  However, I only bought two packs of underwear (probably about 7 to a pack). I am not sure exactly what I was thinking because sometimes I would be behind on laundry and have no fresh underwear. It also didn’t help that Charlize was just wearing underwear for the fun of it and going “potty” even though nothing came out. Not to mention, there could be 7 accidents in a matter of 5 minutes…so lots of underwear is certainly needed. 

3. Praise them like crazy.

Anytime, one of the babes would go potty we would cheer them on.  We taught them that after they go potty to cheer and shout “I did it.” They are so proud of themselves, as well!!!  Charlize was a by stander for awhile and watched the boys pee on the potty until she finally went for it and is now actually using the potty as well.

4.  Don’t force them to wear underwear

Perhaps, if the triplets were older and we did potty training in three days, I would have done things differently.  However, I can only share from our own experiences and because our babes are still pretty young, we chose not to force them to wear the underwear and I think it was a good decision for us. We didn’t want them to have a negative connotation towards wearing underwear so if they weren’t feeling it, neither were we. We did this for about a week and now our babes ask to wear the underwear.   We still do diapers at nap time and bed time, but like I said this has been a go with the flow approach and I am okay with conquering nap and bed time at another time. We also have put the potties outside and let them run around naked and in underwear.

5. Pooping on the potty is just harder

It is interesting because the first time our boys used the potty, they pooped and then never did it again until last week.  Charlize still has a hard time with it, but like I said that’s why we are going with the flow.

That about sums it up. We are still potty training and the babes are still learning, but for the most part they get it and we are so proud of them!!! Potty training is pretty tough and their lots of accidents and lots of learning (on the both sides), but for us this has been a pretty good experience.  I am proud of the trio and proud of us, as parents too!

One thought on “Operation: Potty Training the Triplets

  1. So happy that things are going well. Potty training can be one of the worst experiences, but it can also be one of the best. I feel a lot of your success has to do with your attitude, which passes down to the trio. Keep up the good work and keep posting!😊

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