One Key to Getting the Triplets to Bed


Routine is EVERYTHING in this household.

I knew before the babies were born that we would have a pretty structured household and now a year and a half into parenting I can attest that as chaotic as my days are structure is everything.  Not only is it what I need, my kids thrive on it!

So, when it comes to bed time routine we got it down triple time.

Daddy usually gets home from work around 5:30 and it is GO time from there. The kids eat dinner and we have our usual Justin Timberlake dance party following the meal. Up next is where the wind down begins.

Bath. Every single night. They love it (most of the time). As they have gotten older, their tub space has gotten smaller. After their bath we lotion them up and put them in their pajamas

We usually have about 10-15 minutes of play time, work on puzzles, drink their milk, look out the window for dogs, read stories.   These moments are our daily moments where the 5 of us actually get to just share in quality time together as a family.

One important key element to bed time (and nap time) is the one and only “lovey.”  And by one and only I mean one and only–you better not lose this thing! Our babes have snuggled their lovies for a very long time and they definitely are very attached to them.

Bed time is at 7pm, so the triplets know our time is coming to an end as we sing our “night night” song: “Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world. Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” The kids don’t really know the words, but they know it is our night night song and say “Amen” over and over while Daddy and I sing.

Following our song we pray, which is truly such a sweet moment that we have started with the trio. Half the time they are not praying and likely not even understanding the meaning behind it, but one day they will. They know when you pray you say “amen.”

We put each baby in their crib, give them a kiss and tell them how much we love them and say goodnight. The triplets don’t usually make a fuss and usually always sleep through the night. We also have night lights and sound machine that runs through the night.

TaDa…that is our bed time routine.  It is fairly simple. I don’t know that there are any secrets–I think there is just one key ingredient: ROUTINE!!!

The Triplets usually always sleep through the night.  We have worked hard to teach them to work things out on their own and they do a pretty good job.

Our morning starts at 7am. All over again. Sometimes the babes wake up at 6:15/6:30, but either way, we don’t go in their room until 7.

Bed Time Routine in One minute




2 thoughts on “One Key to Getting the Triplets to Bed

  1. I also believe routine is very important. It’s so nice that Ryan is a part of this special event. Plus, the early bedtime allows for Mommy and Daddy time. Keep up the wonderful parenting job and thanx again for sharing with me your 3 precious miracles. Charlize,Sawyer,& Jax are so blessed to be born into your home. God loves you all

  2. I agree, Routine is very important. I’m glad that Ryan gets to participate in this family time. Keep up the good parenting and thanks for sharing your precious miracles with me. Charlize,Sawyer, and Jax are very lucky they were given to such wonderful parents. God is so Good.

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