Goodbye Pacifiers, Hello One Nap-All in One week!!


So we finally made the dreaded decision to take away the triplets pacifiers. For those of you whose children LOVE their paci’s then I am sure you can understand that the pacifier struggle is REAL.

The triplets have always loved their, especially Jax. Even when he had one in his mouth he had two or three hidden away!! The babies had their pacifiers for naps and bed time only and we knew taking them away was likely going to be rough…

We decided to approach this cold turkey.  I read that it might be helpful telling them that “the pacifier fairy was coming” or something along those lines. So, we told the triplets that their baby cousin, Piper, needed their pacifiers. They helped gather them up and we said goodbye to them. It was actually really sweet…

Until nap time rolled around and every single pacifier was gone. 

Oh wait, let me rephrase that, every single pacifier was gone except for the three Jax found stashed away behind his crib, in the book bin, and underneath all their stuffed animals. Seriously. That was definitely a bump in our road to a paci free life.   At this point, I am pretty sure there are no traces of pacifier in this house anywhere, but if you are getting ready to take on the pacifier free road, make sure there aren’t any hidden paci’s!!

We were prepared for life to suck for a couple days when we took away their pacifiers. And MAN, IT SUCKED!!!! The kids would scream through their naps… It was awful. I knew it was going to be hard transition and to be honest, I was questioning if we really needed to say goodbye to our so dearly loved pacifiers.

After a couple days of sleep deprived children and feeling incredibly spent, we decided we might at as well drop their morning nap too.  This seemed to be one of the best things we could have done to help wear the kids out and make nap time a little bit easier without the paci because they were just utterly exhausted.  I took the kids to the beach every morning to tire them out.  And every day they would pass out immediately.  Moving to one nap was a pretty easy transition, which shows that they were also ready for this. They nap now from 1230-3ish and I can say I am really liking the whole one nap thing!!!

Everyone has adjusted well to life without their paci’s and one nap, as well.

Go team!!!




One thought on “Goodbye Pacifiers, Hello One Nap-All in One week!!

  1. The kids photograph so well and are so cute with their paci’s but am looking forward to how cute their going to be without them. Just a little sad cuz it means they’re growing up😯. I just so enjoy following your story and thoroughly enjoy the pictures. I can tell thru the pics how much love you give these children. You are doing a fantastic job. Thank you for sharing.

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