The Tapped Out Mommy

My sister is getting married in 2 days and this is a little taste of my week…


This photo was taken a day before the walls of snot, germs, and poor sleep came tumbling down in this household. I should have known we were on the brink of some nasty sickness coming our way when all three of my kids spent an hour-literally- completely inconsolable crying and whining on the kitchen floor because…well, I have no idea!!!

Without fail, every single time one of my babies gets sick, they all get sick. Every. Single. Time—No matter hard I try to prevent it!!!  Charlize was the culprit of the sickness this time. She saw the Doctor once last week and again earlier this week. She has bronchitis and a sinus infection, along with fluid in her lungs. It was just a matter of days before both boys came down with it as well. They are all tired, cranky, and just not feeling well.  I took the boys to the Doctor, as well, and as expected they indeed have what Charlize does, along with ear and eye infections. Jax also needed breathing treatment right away and will be on the nebulizer until he is better.

As a Mama to sick babies, especially three at one time, it is so hard to feel like I am providing the love, nurture, and care that they need especially when they are sick. I feel like I am failing them and I, too, am exhausted which doesn’t make things any better. I need more arms and legs so all three can snuggle on me comfortably without being upset that they have to share Mommy’s lap.  And I need super power energy because when you are a tired Mama it is really hard to be the Mom you want to be.

Timing is never good when anyone is sick, but literally timing is the worst!!! My sister is getting married this weekend and I have decided it is much more difficult fulfilling my role as maid of honor with children, not to mention sick children, than it was before I became a Mother. I want to be there for my sister and do everything I can to make her wedding day special, but it is has not been easy considering the circumstances.

It is not just that my kids are sick, a few days ago I received a call that one of my best friends was in the ICU. She has a tear in an artery in her neck.  It is a miracle that they even caught this because what Doctors typically see in this type of situation is a stroke before knowing their patient even had a tear.  I was overwhelmed with complete thankfulness, as my sister, the Bride to be, dropped everything so I could go be with my girlfriend and love on her during this time.

And when you think nothing else could possibly happen to make the week any more overwhelming… My grandpa passed away. He lived a good life and is no longer in pain, but death is always strange and hard on families-especially when this is a time of joy and celebration for my sister and soon to be brother. These are all things we cannot control.  However, this week has been so heavy with bad news, not to mention extremely exhausting.

I am entirely tapped out.  I wish I had something powerful I could say or offer some truly inspirational advice when you hit those tapped out days of Motherhood, but I don’t. Not today, at least.  All I can really say is, I am the tapped out Mom. I am trying to be strong and find bursts of energy to provide all that I can for my family.  I can only take it one day at a time and know my babies will be better soon.  I am doing all that I can to love and care for my children the best that I can.  I am going to take in the next few days with my family and soak in as much love and joy that I can as we celebrate the union of the future Mr. and Mrs.





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