Our Vacation U-turn

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I was supposed to be in Acapulco, Mexico this week bronzing on a sandy beach with a cocktail in hand surrounded by my very best friends soaking in the warm sun and cherishing every second of a kid-free week!

But I am not…

Several months ago, my husband surprised me that he was taking me on a very special getaway with our closest friends for an ENTIRE week. We haven’t been on a real vacation since we decided to try for a baby years ago, so this was really exciting.  An entire week of relaxation on a beach surrounded by people I love felt like a dream.

We found sitters for the triplets. All the details were made and booked. I got a new bikini. Everything was falling into place so perfectly. Just a couple weeks out of the trip, my husband realized his passport was expired.  It felt like a little bump in the road.  However, what normally you think wouldn’t have been a big deal, turned into a real vacation nightmare.

Ryan somehow managed to not submit all the paperwork when he applied to have his passport expedited, so his renewal was of course denied. Things, unfortunately,  just got worst after that.  Long story short-after many phone calls and in person visits there was nothing we could do about Ryan’s passport mishap, which we still don’t have in hand, by the way. We fought to the very last minute to resolve the issue and hoped to find ourselves on a plane headed straight to vacation bliss, but instead we found ourselves doing what we always do: parenting, marriage-ing… what a vacation.

Talk about disappointment. A week vacation for a parent is like winning the lottery. We needed this break.  The time away, the sound of the ocean breeze with no interruptions, adult conversation, romance… all of it. We needed all of it.  After so much planning and preparation, our week away turned into pure frustration. For whatever reason, it just wasn’t in our cards to make this trip.

My husband knew how disappointed I was that this vacation was not happening, so in normal “Ryan” fashion he did the best he could last minute to pull off something pretty amazing even if it was just for one night. He managed to get us a one night stay in the most remarkable hotel I have ever stayed in: The Montage in Laguna Niguel.

Literally, a dream.

16763675_979071680984_2108402518_o-1We stayed in one of their gorgeous bungalows right on the cliffs. It was absolutely breathtaking.  We could hear the ocean waves from our room and the weather was perfect. Ryan and I needed this quality time. It is so easy to get caught up in parenting and the chaos of our daily lives.  With the triplets, we are constantly in full blitz mode. I know how important it is to have quality time with Ryan and make our relationship a priority, but to be honest, sometimes it just doesn’t happen.

To be able to deeply connect and relish in this one night together meant a lot to me.  Not to mention, soaking in the quiet air and sun beaming on my skin as I literally did absolutely nothing as the hours passed through the day felt pretty nice, as well.  I sported my new bikini. Took a LONG luxurious bubble bath in a huge tub. I slept in a king size bed. I took a peaceful walk on the beach and soaked in God’s beauty.  I felt like royalty.  I did absolutely nothing. I was lazy and slept in. I drank champagne and enjoyed romance with my sweet Ryan.  It was certainly no week vacation, but it was its own kind of perfect and I loved every single second of it!



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