Breastfeeding or Not, You Go Mama!

16128487_1144849005564277_909929040_n“Your babies will probably have developmental issues if you don’t breastfeed them through at least their first year of life.”

Wow. Talk about Mom guilt!!!

Someone actually told me that. I was experiencing the wrath of not being a die hard breastfeeding triplet Mom before my babies were even born. It is sad that we live in world where there is so much judgement on choosing to breastfeed or not to breastfeed.

I nursed my babies during their first few weeks of life. I was very sick after I delivered them.  The Doctors told me they didn’t expect me to produce milk. My babies were given donors milk their first few days of life. My heart goes out to those women who are devoted to providing for babies they don’t even know in this way-what a gift.  It took a few days, but once again God proved that He is miraculous. Not only was I producing milk, but I was producing enough for my three children and then some. I couldn’t believe it and I was so very proud that my body was actually doing what it was supposed to so I could provide “liquid gold” for my babies. It was a miracle.


I nursed the triplets while they were in the NICU. And every single time I nursed it felt so special. I was able to share in sacred moments with each one of them individually. At times, I would nurse and pump at the same time because multitasking is essential when you are a Mom of multiples. I learned to tandem feed. It was truly amazing.  I felt like I was experiencing all the stories I read and heard about how magical breastfeeding is.16196123_1144865022229342_700406942_o

However, unfortunately, this magical feeling quickly changed once we were finally home with the triplets.  I was primarily pumping..all day long it felt like at times. Sleep deprivation kicked in hard and I feel like it stole parts of some of the true joy I should have experienced in my early days as a new Mom. What so many women love and treasure in the joy of breastfeeding, I began to hate. My first several months as a Mom were very difficult. And I didn’t always feel supported in my desire to quit breastfeeding.

However, finally, I knew I had to. I had to do what was best for ME, and I knew regardless of peoples breastfeeding opinions, as Moms we are all simply trying to provide a beautiful healthy life for our children. And that is what I chose.  Some women for various reasons can’t breastfeed, period. They aren’t given the opportunity to do so. Others breastfeed for as long as they can. To the Mama who can’t or wants to stop breastfeeding, it’s okay, you are still a remarkable Mama. And to the die hard breastfeeding Mama, you go girl!! Either way, we are both Mom winning and providing love, nourishment, and a beautiful life for our babies.







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