“Freshly Picked”Lemonde homemade by The Fortin Trio


We are so so excited to share that we are collaborating with the amazing Freshly Picked!!! They have the most incredible Baby Moccs and are truly the first shoes our almost 11 month old triplets actually wear and keep on their feet!! Not only are these shoes made incredibly well, something I love about them is that they are made with leather. They are perfect for babies because they are not hard soles, but are comfortable and still offer a lot of protection to the babies feet. We are even more excited to announce that we will be doing a GIVEAWAY on our instagram:  Our Instagram Account:@thefortintrio in a couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled as you may be the lucky winner of a pair of new Freshly Picked moccs!!


Charlize is wearing the “pink lemonade” moccs. They are absolutely darling and fit perfectly.


Jax and Sawyer are sporting the “ants” moccs and as you can tell they were all smiles in this adorable collection.

This might be one of my favorite photo shoots this far. The babies were having a ball and I loved capturing all their sweet joyful smiles in their darling moccs!!!

Get your “Freshly Picked” Lemonade homemade by The Fortin Trio




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