10 Months Fortin Trio Update

untitled-2-2This is a long awaited update!!! I cannot even believe it, but my darling hope babies are 10 months old. How this has happened… I have no idea!! Time is just flying!

The triplets are doing great. Here are some fun facts about each of our growing babies!!!

Charlize Hope.



5 Fun Facts about Charlize

  1. She is our BEST sleeper!!
  2. She is our BEST eater!!
  3. She loves to snuggle.
  4. She crawls normally–on your knees.
  5. She LOVES to go down the slide in our new pool
  6. She can say Mama and Dada
  7. She is about a month away from losing her helmet. Goodbye helmet!! HELLO BOWS!!!
  8. She can wave goodbye.
  9. She loves to dance to Justin Timberlake
  10. She has the bluest eyes I have ever seen

Sawyer Reed.



10 Fun Facts about Sawyer

  1. He can wave goodbye
  2. He crawls on his feets–doesn’t use his knees at all
  3. He is nearly 20 pounds
  4. He LOVES any kind of fruit
  5. He is the fastest mover of the three.
  6. He likes to climb things.
  7. He loves Murphy, our dog.
  8. He loves the pool.
  9. He can say Mama and Dada.
  10. He growls when he talks.

Jax Ryan.



10 Fun Facts about Jax

  1. He crawls on his feet or one knee and one foot.
  2. He is the biggest of the three.
  3. He loves all kinds of melon.
  4. He is the happiest baby ever.
  5. He isn’t a big fan of the pool.
  6. He LOVES to dance.
  7. He can say Mama and Dada too.
  8. He loves veggie chips.
  9. He can crawl up the stairs.
  10. He likes to play in Charlize’s crib.

I cannot believe our darling hope triplets are just two months shy of turning ONE. WOW!!!! I am already planning their Alice in ONEderland birthday party. It is going to be so much fun. They all have developed such darling individual personalities.

The babies are on a great 7-7 schedule. They take two close about an hour and a half naps, which is great!

They (the boys) definitely have some kind of sensitivity to dairy. We have always seen struggles in this area. We tried giving them dairy solids and they had diarreah all day.

We are still doing our weekly photo shoots and have even started brand repping some companies, which we are over the moon about. In the next few weeks we will be doing a giveaway with Freshly Picked!!! We are overjoyed about this. If you are interested keep an eye out on our instagram in July: @thefortintrio


We are loving summer days in our new pool!!!

LOVE THESE CUTIES!! Thank you for sharing in our fun!!










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