Family Photo Overload


We had so much fun during our family photo shoot. I know there are some things I would have changed but that is the photographer in me. My Mom took the photos with us–I literally gave her my camera put on auto and went for it. I am so happy with them and overjoyed to have some updated family pictures!! Everyone was amazing. I think my babies are little models…literally!!! Enjoy the photos!!









The babies are adjusting okay to their new schedule. We took the 4am feeding away from them last week and they still wake up continually needing to be soothed. Ryan and I do not pick them up out of their crib, which usually works but is tiring. The last two nights all three babies have woken up around 5 crying…and crying some more. Our day doesn’t usually start until 7am. So it is a work in progress.

We also got them on a new day time schedule. They are having 2 naps a day now. The morning nap is from about 9:20-11am and the afternoon I am hoping for at least an hour and a half, but the last several days it has been maybe an hour nap. I know they need to nap longer because they are so OVERTIRED and can barely make it through the rest of the evening without fuss galore, so the second day time nap is a work in progress!!

Charlize is adjusting well to her helmet. Although she hates wearing it, we are seeing progress. She definitely slept better when she wasn’t wearing it! We have about 8 more weeks to go.untitled-5

Jax is teething like crazzzy!!! He is my jolly chunkster!! I have three really happy babies, but this stud is always happy. He and Charlize, however, are struggling a lot with those teeth coming in. Poor babies. untitled-14

Sawyer is doing so good!! He is great at eating food with his hands–not everything makes it into his mouth, but he is on a roll. He is the most successful sleeper so far. They are my gerber babies!! So much cuteness!!untitled-16

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