Buckle Up!!!

11247900_1137661862965296_5140491616392346689_nBaby UPDATES

The trio have had quite a fussy week!!! The boys are teething like wild and Charlize is adjusting to her helmet (she had it off for a few days while it was painted so she is getting used to it all over again). They also seem to be getting ready for some nap transitions!!! eeeekkk….buckle up Mommy!!!

The babies usually nap 3 times a day: 2 morning cat naps (45min-hour) and 1 afternoon 2 hour (ish) nap. Last week there has been consistency in changes in the afternoon nap. All three babies are barely napping an hour. So, this means they are probably ready to go down to 2 naps?!?! RIGHT? I mean I think they probably are!

Next week is going to be a WILD ride because!!! Praying it will be a smooth transition!!!

Goodbye Gerd!!!

The babies are also drinking 6oz bottles!! Do you  know how HUGE this is?!?! GOODBYE GERD!!! #ohmygerd  We are so excited that gerd has finally left this household. Glory to Jesus!!! We are so thankful to see the babies drinking more milk!! They are doing so well at not spitting up too. This is such a huge answer to prayer. We still need to burp them often, but we have been waiting a LONG time for these days. We will be taking away their 4am feeding tonight. Buckle up AGAIN!!!!

Charlize and Diva Crown!

Charlize is wearing a helmet. She has had it for about two weeks now. It has been a bit of struggle mostly only at nights and when it has been really warm, but she is doing a lot better now. Auntie Val painted it and it is adorable. We had a Doctor’s appointment this week and they are already seeing progress in the reshaping of her head!! wahoo!!!


Babies were dedicated today!!! I can’t even handle it!!! It was so beautiful!! Check out our Youtube Video that captures the dedication!!


Photo shoot of the week!! 

If you look up top we will be sharing a photo every week from  our weekly shoots!! Check out what we did this week!!!


Can’t wait to share more on how much fun we have this week!!! Thanks for following our journey!!!

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