My Little Bunnies

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For this weeks photo shoot I dressed my little trio up as bunnies and OMG it just is TOO MUCH!!! This might be might favorite photo shoot yet. My little bunnies are just ADORABLE!!! I would love to get more creative with their shoots, so if you have a fun theme idea please send my way. We have talked about Mario Brothers and the Princess, Wizard of Oz…there are tons!! Super hero!!! I am so happy I am doing weekly photo shoots of them  and I think it is something I will really treasure. I only wish I started doing it when they were much younger.


Charlize–my adorable little bunny..was of course the PERFECT MODEL so she has three times as many photos than the boys.


Jax-My JOY baby!!! This little guy is quite literally full of so many smiles. He typically is the last one to fall asleep as he plays around in his crib and laughs even in his sleep. It is too cute!!untitled-26



Sawyer is my little bundle of personality. He has so much to say already!!! He is a flirt and I can’t handle the joy bursting through his photos!!


Twinning!!! These two, while they both are so unique in their ways they carry so many similar qualities!!!


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It has been an interesting week.

The babies have three naps a day, two in the morning and one longer one in the afternoon. The last week or two they starting showing some signs that maybe they were ready to lose one of the morning naps. So, this week we went for it–transition to one morning nap. And…drum roll…It has been a NIGHTMARE!!!! Either these babies are not ready or something is off with the timing. I think they are not quite ready, but that’s what being a parent is all about: TRIAL AND ERROR. So it has taken all week to try something new and get them back to their normal routine. Ayayayaya

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They are absolutely LOVING their cribs and it is pretty much the cutest ever seeing them all snuggled dreaming away. The boys seem to enjoy side sleeping while Charlize is all sprawled out.  I am working on increasing some of their milk feedings during the day.  While I feel like the GERD has pretty much gone away, they do still struggle with some reflux and need to be burped often. Lately the solids have been causing some tummy issues. The babies have always had tummy issues, but they seem to have gotten worse with the solids. They are very sensitive like their Daddy. So we are keeping an eye on watch solids make things worse and going from there. They definitely enjoy eating, that’s for sure!!!

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We had a visit from our little friend, Aria. She is 10 days younger than the trio and they are the best of friends. It was so much fun doing an Easter shoot together!!



The babies are in such a fun stage and I love seeing them learn new things. They are loving all of their new toys. It is adorable. Charlize is loving the sound of her voice and LOVES sitting up. Sawyer is our bouncer. He will jump in his jumper and in your arms. And Jax rolls and rolls and rolls. they are all really happy babies, but I think Jax carries a little extra smiles with him. They are becoming more and more aware of each other, which is adorable–touching and playing with one another!! I can’t even handle all the cuteness!!!

image (61)

This video is hilarious. Jax is really obsessed with Sawyer’s face!!

I have the happiest babies ever!!! They are just darling and I am so proud to be their Mommy!!! Happy Easter to you all and thank you for LOVING on our family. God has so richly blessed us!!!

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