My Favorite Things


I had to do another photo shoot of my favorite little things before they officially don’t fit into their Thing Onsies anymore. They are the cuties most precious babes!! Thank you to my sweet cousin, Ann Marie, for the incredible collection of boy ties for my boys!! They couldn’t be more perfect for all our photo shoots!!


It is hard for me to believe that my cuties are already 7 months old. So many exciting things are happening. Sawyer loves to jump. Jax loves to roll. And Charlize loves to sit up. They are undoubtably coming into their own personalities too. It is darling!!! I am in the midst of working on a schedule change for them. Normally they have two morning cat naps and one big afternoon nap and we are working on losing a morning nap. They are definitely ready. Today was our first day and YIKES, it was not easy haha Overtired and hungry babies is a bad combination haha

I had a mini photo shoot with my princess girl!! And they are too cute not to share!!!

This video makes me happy, so I hope it makes you happy too:

Auntie Prisma came to visit yesterday!! She taught Charlize some more Diva moves.

image (52)

image (54)

We got some of the news saucers out for the babies and they are LOVING their new toys. This is undoubtably such a fun stage!!

image (53)

My Blue Eyed beauty!!!

image (51)



2 thoughts on “My Favorite Things

  1. Great job on the photos! I’m expecting twins. All this blogging about schedules inspires me for running a tighter schedule soon. Thanks for sharing your journey.

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