The Adventures of Solids!

We made another fun Video Blog for your enjoyment: The babies and their solid eating adventures!! Jax is the most entertaining when he eats–he hits the side of his bumbo every  time he is ready for more food. I love my fat cheeky babies. They are adorable and thriving!!! They pretty much will eat any kind of food. So far, we have tried pears, bananas, squash, sweet potatoe, peas, and prunes. It has been wonderful adding solids to their diet because I feel like, although it is not helping their gassy tummies, it seems to be making a big difference in the world of GERD!! Praise Jesus!! It is nice that we can feed them their entire meal and get all their burps out at the very end as oppose to several times throughout their feedings.

The Babies feed at midnight and 4am still. I look forward to losing one, eventually both, of those feedings. I have never appreciated sleep so much in my life. I am so blessed by so many good friends who have sacrificed a night of sleep to help us through the nights!! THANK YOU for being there for us and for loving on our family so much!!!

We had some fun adventures this week. The days and weeks are flying by. We ordered a new triplet stroller that is long, so I think it will be better for us on our daily outings. We still have the triplet jogger stroller, which I LOVE, but it is too wide to go places with. We just need to put it together:)

Enjoy our latest Vlog. I am so not a pro when it comes to making vlogs, but it is fun to capture all these fun moments of the trio and share them with so many people who have prayed and loved on us through our entire journey!

I think it is safe to say that they need to be strapped in!! The boys, especially are rolling all over the place. They are cracking me up. image (43)image (44)

My heart rejoices so much being the Mama to my precious hope triplets!!! What a true gift it is to be their Mommy. We were full of so many fun adventures last week. One day Sawyer managed to skip his morning nap and he was SOOOO TIRED!!! When the babies were younger I would hold them while they slept and I absolutely loved doing skin to skin with all three of them. But it has been awhile since one of my little angels laid peacefully in my arms soooo pooped from our day. This moment with my sweet boy was special and I just had to relish in his snuggles!!!

image (45)

I had an impromptu photo shoot of the babies…on my iphone which is was not amazing, but how cute are these pictures?!?!

image (48)

image (49)

I was absolutely overjoyed to do a play date with one of my dearest friends, Lisa. We were college roomies and her daughter is just three weeks older than the triplets!! It was SO MUCH FUN to finally get us all together. I can already tell our babies will be the best of friends. 11937442_926212290761284_1851681650976506806_n

Saint Patties Day was way fun!!! LOVED sporting green and are evening park adventure!! I still find glitter on the babies from

Last but not least…who knew I could be so funny!! Enjoy this clip of some baby gut laughter!!

My Laughing Trio

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