My 3 Leaf Clovers: 7 Months!


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from My 3 Leaf Clovers!! My little lucky charms–how I love them so much!! It is getting harder and harder keeping these babies in one place for our weekly photos. I can only imagine what it will be like when they are crawling and walking!! untitled-15

I love this shot because my identical twin boys are literally doing the same exact thing!! SO CUTE!!! And then there is my Diva givin’ me that smurk!


Charlize is growing so much!! She is my little diva girl!! She has cradle cap pretty bad. I am treating it with a special lotion and I am starting to see bits and pieces come off. But sometimes her hair comes with a chunk of cradle cap too!! boo!! It looks like we will be getting ready for her to get her helmet here in the next few weeks. We have had to work out some details with the insurance company–which can be a nightmare! I am bummed she needs it, but I know it will help improve her alignment greatly. Stinky boys just smushed her in my tummy! I finally bought Charlize her dedication dress for next month!!! It is the one I shared several weeks ago. I cannot even tell you how perfect it is. Charlize seems to be the first one to be able to sit up on her own for several seconds!! You go girl!!!


Jax-i-boy!!!! LOVE my little stud. This guys is a machine!! My prediction is he will be the first to crawl. He rolls all over the place. We joke that he haas bad FOMO (fear of missing out). He will stay awake during long car rides and we can hear him playing with toys and fiddling around. It is so cute. He also likes to make bubble sounds with his lips. ADORABLE. Jax is the biggest of the three babies–15 pounds!! That’s a whole lot of baby! His favorite teething toy are his feet!!



Sawyer Reed!! Mr. Personality!! Sawyer is a talker. It is adorable! He always seems to be making new sounds and rolling all over the place. He LOVES food. He and Jax definitely share so many similar qualities–crazy twin thing!!!  When Sawyer gets really excited he kicks his legs all over the place.  Like Jax, Sawyer loves teething on his feet!! Yummy yum yum!!

All three babies are making progress in the right direction!! PRAISE JESUS!!! Lately, we have been struggling more with gas issues. They have such sensitive tummies. While they are not sleeping through the night, I do believe we may be turning a corner soon with GERD!! Right now, they wake up –like clock work–for a 12am and 4am feeding. I would imagine soon we will be losing one or both. Our Doctor seem to think we would see some pretty dramatic changes right around 7 months…so since their 7 months today, I am hoping for it. haha wink! The babies will be moving to their cribs in about a week!! wahoo!! We started putting them in their rock n’ plays without them rocking and it has been an easy transition! 🙂 They are LOVING church on Sundays and go kick happy crazy during worship. I love seeing them get excited about Jesus!!!

We are INCREDIBLY fortunate to have several dedicated friends who are committed to helping us through the nights.They are truly little sparkles of Heaven. I know that they are committing to a night of interrupted sleep and exhaustion the next day. Thank you for loving on our babies and taking such amazing care of them. Last night we were over the moon as we had 3 people come and help us through the night, so Ry and I got an ENTIRE NIGHT of sleep–uninterrupted, lay in bed for 8 hours straight, dreaming away SLEEP!! It was a pure gift!!!!

I am so excited for our photo shoot next week!! I have a friend who made them matching outfits!!! Time is flying by and I am soaking in every ounce with these precious hope angels. My heart bursts with love being their Mommy. Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us!!!

image (40)

His shirt is the best EVER!!! Ry is the most AMAZING Dad!! My heart is so full. I am such a lucky woman to have him as my husband and Father to our darling trio!!!

Our latest Vlog: Adventure to Papa and Nana’s House

New Vlog coming later this week!!!


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