Sunday Funday

We officially started a Facebook Page for the trio. You can like and follow all of our adventures here: The Fortin Trio



Ryan and I decided we are going to start video blogging. It is a work in progress and is so not something we are familiar with, but it is fun and we have been so fortunate to have so many people love on us through our journey and this is a fun way to share all our adventures with everyone. We have yet to make long videos, but this was a fun we we did to show off The Fortin Trio diaper change!! And Ryan and I decided we need to have a diaper changing battle. Who do you think is faster???

Grandpa had been on some big work trips so he has been missing the babies!! They got to enjoy some fun snuggles yesterday!!! He was letting him try on a future watch of his!


At church today the babies got to experience their first baby food via pouch!! It was a HUGE hit!!! I am so happy that we are finally in our church routine again and that the babies are loving worship time!!

Lunch is always a success in this house!!! These babies are loving their solids!!

Enjoy this clip of Daddy entertaining the babes after lunch:

Daddy Entertains after Lunch!



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