Twinplet playdate

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I had the great joy today of getting together with my college friend, Jordanna, for our twinplet play date!!! Her girls are just about two years old and I can’t even believe it. She is such a great mama. We went to Kellogg park, which is beautiful, and near the beach in La Jolla! LOVED IT!!! The babies had a great time. They are loving the swings, especially Charlize!!! They have been doing so much better during car rides too!! Go babies go!!

My sleeping beauties!! They couldn’t be any cuter when they sleep.

So we have been thinking about their first birthday party!! And are open to suggestions theme ideas. So far, I love the superhero theme!! I used to never think I would have a big first birthday party for my baby, probably because during my infertility it was sometimes tough to attend so many kid parties. I also used to say I wouldn’t post pictures of my kids everyday haha But lets be honest, I can’t help myself. So, needless to say, we come August we will be having the first birthday party of the century!!! haha


One thought on “Twinplet playdate

  1. Desi, your babies are so beautiful. It is hard to imagine you are talking about a first birthday party, and while it is still several months away, it flies by!

    I followed another beautiful infertility story that resulted in triplets. This mama had failed IVF 6 times and finally had success with her sister in law as a gestational carrier. Any way when her triplets had their first birthday she had a seashore theme. I thought that was sweet and gender neutral. Like you she has identical twin boys and a girl. The element of her party that was the most ADORABLE and made me think of you instantly was the banners she created. She took hundreds of pics, of course! Blew them up to 5 x 7 black and whites. She then cut out the faces. Instead of using the pennant idea with the point down, she made them into birthday hats on top of this precious baby faces and strung them together. It was DARLING! I am linking her below. With your exceptional photography skills you no doubt have the photos. It is by far the cutest idea I have ever seen.

    The 1st birthday is in April 2013 of her archives!

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