My Twinning Eaters!!


My boys are too cute. They are LOVING their solid foods. Today Jax was making bubbles while eating…silly guy! They boys are messy eaters. They love to stick their hands in their mouths. Charlize loves solids too, but the boys eat the SAME exact way–Charlize is a super neat eater. It is so funny. The boys just looked too cute in the picture!! Plus you can really see so much indentical-ness happening haha I think Jax’ face is a bit fuller!

Every Wednesday night Grandma and Daddy have school so we have two remarkable friends from my church, Kilah and Krysten, come and help me get the babies fed and down for bed. They are truly amazing with the babies. Last night the girls took trio to the park above our house and they had so much fun!

image (12)

The babies had a good night last night!! Aunt Val and Rose came to help us through the night! We are so blessed and super fortunate to have people who love our family the way they do and show us God’s sovereign love in this way. The babies did really good last night–until about 5am. One day at a time we will conquer GERD, man farts, and sleeping through the night!

Rose is a seamstress and is making some adorable outfits for the babies!! I can hardly wait!!!

I was so honored because My Postpartum Blog was published on PopSugar Mom’s!!

PopSugar Mom’s: “My Lonely Season as a New Mom.”

I have learned that exposing my heart about postpartum is SO HARD, much harder than sharing my infertility experiences, but God is using me and my story and I look forward to sharing the vulnerable side of my postpartum heart.




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