Country Photo Shoot with the Trips!



I am making it a goal to do a photo shoot with the babies once a week. This week we did a country session. This picture, while it is not the best, is my favorite!! BECAUSE this is what a photo shoot for 6 month old triplets actually looks like!  haha Jax had a thing for his boots!!

More pictures below!!!





Last night we had Rachel and Katie do the night shift with us. I LOVE THEM!! Katie bought some candles for us because I have burned through all my bath and body candles and I like to light them during night feedings and she got new lights for the bathroom–for Sawyer–because sometimes that’s the only place he burps…come do a night shift and you will understand!! Rachel has become a dear friend. She has also really been there for me through my postpartum season! She posted this on her facebook page today and I was is so so so true!!!

“Want a free workout in the middle of the night and feel the burn all along the back, abs, and thighs? Sign up for triplet overnight duty at the Fortin house and feel the burn. Membership is free and the cuteness is unbearable!”

I got this text from my friend, Amanda, yesterday!! It was such a beautiful reminder that I am a Kick Ass Mama!!! Thank you for loving on my precious friend. I think being a Mom is a HARD job— somedays I have to choose to suffer joyfully so my postpartum anxiety doesn’t rob me!!! And I am blessed by friends like my dear Amanda who are praying me through my season!!!


Today Ally and I took the babies to the park with my cousin, Amy. so so much fun!! It truly is the greatest joy having Ally with me and has lifted so much anxiety knowing I have help with the babies–especially if we have a really bad night! Loving my days with my darling hope angels!!!




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