What do you do when your baby poops in the tub?

What do you do when your baby poops in the tub???

A couple nights ago our sweet darling Charlize girl took a nice big poop in the tub. The only thing is I didn’t realize she was even pooping until it made it’s way to Sawyer’s lap.

O M G!!!

So, I immediately ended bath time with the boys and decided to let Charlize finish her business. Yes, I know it is gross, but I have the most constipated gassy full blown man farting babies that I felt it would be easier coming out if I just let her push in the water…and it certainly was. She let it GO!!!! And it was nasty!!!

And of course, initially, I tried scooping it out with my hands…yes my hands..it happened so fast and then her poop just turned all snakey and flakey so I called it quits!! Oh bath time at this house is too much!!image (8)

Oh, my man farting little cuties!!!

In honor of Charlize’s bath tub story, I thought I would share how our morning went. This morning we spent some time Praising Jesus!! Our babies LOVE worship!! I try and spend time every morning with the babies singing praises and telling them how much Jesus LOVES them!! Here is a little clip of our fun times worshipping this morning. Charlize needed an intermission because she was letting the flood gates open. Praise God for pooping!!! My babies really rip it–poor things can let out some man farts!!!

Worship Trio

Jean, my Mother-in-law joined me for our terrific Tuesday together!!! We went to target, which is always a FUN adventure and we went to the park!! We fed the babies and played on the swings. Sawyer looked like he was about to pass out, Jax was chillin’ and Charlize gave smiles galore!

image (2)

image (1)image (3)image (4)image (5)image (6)

It has been a good few days in the Fortin House. Nights–not so much. GERD has been rocking the night time hours, especially between 10-12. Boo

And incase I haven’t mentioned it lately, I am married to one of the most amazing men on planet earth!! His love for me and my family fills up my heart entirely. Watching him love on these cuties is undoubtably the cutest thing ever!!!


2 thoughts on “What do you do when your baby poops in the tub?

  1. I have been following your blog since your gender reveal went viral and I have so much enjoyed watching your amazing journey. I have two boys, 2 and a half and 9 months old, and I thought I had it tough! I was wondering if their pediatrician recommended a formula called Neocate. It was an absolute Godsend! My husband and I both come from families with huge dairy allergies, so to be safe, we jumped right on the bandwagon with Neocate with both boys and it was the best decision we ever made!

    I’m sure you’ve already done your research on the best ones out there. Great Mommies like you always do! Just trust your instinct with your babies and you’ll get through it! Your babies are beautiful and I eagerly follow and wish you all the best of luck!

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