Aloha Babies

In honor of the babies getting their feet all sandy at the beach for the first time this week, we decided to have an Aloha Photo shoot!!! And I can’t even handle all the cuteness happening here!! Incase you missed it, here are some of our pictures!!untitled-14


Yesterday, we took the babies to Ryan’s school!! And they are quite popular there. We have so much support from our Del Mar Pines Elementary Family!!!


I am loving having a Mommy Helper!! It has made life so amazing. I am soaking in all my seconds with little loves. I usually only do one feeding alone now and it seems to go pretty well. It can be rough if we have a gerd episode, but it has been such a fun week. I am so happy the babies are finally feeling better!

I have also been browsing dresses and color schemes for the Babies Dedication in April and I think I found the perfect dress for Charlize:

Dedication Dress for Charlize

What do you think? A MUST?!?!?!

It is just too beautiful!!  It is undoubtably so darling and I can’t help myself. I think she would look gorgeous in it and the boys could wear coral bow ties and suspenders…a dream family picture and some gorgeous dressed babies for a monumental moment in their lives!!!

Today we met with the North County Mom’s of Multiples!!! Woohoo for multiples!! There was a Mom who was there who was 35 weeks pregnant with triplets today–and still walking!! She was my hero!!


Thank you Alisha VandenBosch—this raspberry teething toy is a HIT!!!!




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