The Babies Meet Dr. Friedman!!


Today, marked a very special day as the babies got to meet a very special woman who played a huge role on our hope journey, our Fertility Doctor, Dr. Friedman. Words cannot express the joy that rolled into my heart to spend time with our amazing Fertility Doctor. She is one of a kind. I am truly blown away by the incredibly abilities God has given her. She has such a passion for her patients. We spent about a year at our clinic and created a bond with our Doctor and many of the nurses.  We were so fortunate that God blessed us with Dr. Friedman. My heart overflows for the moments we shared today and I am beyond thankful for women and men like Dr. Friedman who dedicate their careers to helping women who need a little extra help to start a family!!!


I received a double dose of blessings as the babies also got to meet my Fertility Acupuncturist, Janeane Miller. Today marked a special day. image-42image-46

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