My Hands Free Sleepers!!


GOOD NEWS: We have officially have hands free sleepers!! We started transitioning them yesterday with their arms out of their swaddles. I think they feel free and they look so stink in’ cute, I can’t even handle it! It was a much easier transition than I imagined and I think my little nuggets are loving it.

Here is a little video of our Hands Free Sleepers

BAD NEWS: I think our 2am-er night was a Phantom night of sleeping haha While I am absolutely rejoicing and praising the Lord because we are definitely seeing some positive changes we haven’t quite kicked gerd out of the park. Last two nights have been gerdy.  Poor Sawyer has also been struggling with it during the day time feedings #ohmygerd  But we are continuing to increase the cereal and stay consistent with Gerber Goodstart and their medicine!

Charlize had her helmet consultation appointment. Poor thing definitely has some lopsided-ness going on!! We are still doing some research to see how important it is for her to get one, as well, we will be doing some stretches with her everyday as she seems to favor the left side. Little stinker!!!

Ally and I took the babies on an adventure!! We went to the park and they loved it. I am so happy they are finally feeling better and we can get out of the house!!!image-40We fed them at the parkimage-39My sweet girl–this was one of the very first things I bought when Ryan and I started trying for a baby–and now my girl is wearing it!!!image-41

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