History was made!!

History was made last night!!!! The babies SLEPT until 2am!! O M G. Jesus is at work in this house baby. We are so thankful that something is finally helping them. So blessed by my remarkable sister, Deanna, and dear friend, Rachel who helped us through the night last night.  They were amazing and so helpful.  About a week or so ago we changed their formula, upped their prilosec dose, and started adding cereal to their meals and something  or ALL are making a huge change. We have had random nights like this before, so I am a bit skeptical, but this last week we really started to notice some changes in their sleep. They haven’t gone all gerd on us as bad as they used to. We are actually noticing it the  most in Sawyer during his feedings. Perhaps, we are turning a HUGE corner!! I will really believe it when two weeks go by and i have some happy sleeping painless sleeping hope angels!!

image-29We still have had the babies in their rock n’ plays for the last few weeks. When we initially transferred them to the crib, their reflux problems increased greatly so the Doctor told us to hold off a little longer. It was huge let down for me and I felt like a failure, but this is what parenting is about!!  And I am not a failure.

We had a fun weekend!!! Mostly hung around on Saturday! Love having Ry home. He is such an amazing Dad. And can certainly bring so much joy to our little triplets!! My heart is truly overwhelmed with all he does for our family.

Daddy made Charlize giggle galore. Here is the video:

Charlize–giggle girl!!


The babies are loving bath time. We have baths twice a day-My babies are squeaky clean haha But really, the baths help with giving them some time to get ready for their long nap and bed and digest all that milk and let out any excess burpies! Here is a cute video of the babes before their bath–smile galore!!

Getting Ready for Bath Time

Naked butts and giggles with Grandma!!


Teething, teething, and more teething!! They love to teeth on each other!!


Meet my Mommy Helper, Ally!! I LOVE HER!! Is has been truly amazing to have Ally with me. She is a natural and had the greatest heart for little love bugs!!!



We had a wonderful time visiting with the Carter Family!!! Thank you so much for bringing lunch!!!


We made it to church yesterday and it was absolutely fabulous!! The babies LOVED worship!!!!! I have been so blessed by my church as they have been bringing us meals the last two weeks, which was remarkable and so helpful especially with the babies so sick!! My heart was overwhelmed with such joy being in the Presence of the Lord. We haven’t been able to attend church regularly in awhile and yesterday felt like a breath of fresh air. I cannot wait to go back next week. The babies loved seeing everyone, especially snuggles from Pastor Gayelee!!



This beautiful friend, Serina, reminds me why my story of hope matters!!!


It’s a new week and everyone is finally back to their normal selves for the most part!! PRAISE JESUS!! We were able to go to La Jolla today to see my twin sister for a play date, which was AWESOME!!! It feels so good to be getting out of the house. And it is beautiful. The babies had a ball. My friend and Mommy Helper, Ally, came too, which helped tremendously in making our morning so smooth!! Plus, it was a huge perk to spend time with the twinsie!!


2 thoughts on “History was made!!

  1. I am so overjoyed to hear that you may be turning the corner with their sleep and GERD. Have been praying for that whole situation. Lack of sleep for you does weird things to your mind and body so as you get more sleep I think you’ll also see more balance in your life. I now have 27 and 19 year old boys and want you to know that you do what works for your babies. If they’re sleeping in their Rock ‘n Plays for the next 6 months and it works for them so be it! You are doing a tremendous job and just go with your gut. You know them and what works. My pediatrician told me that when my 27 year old was just a newborn. He told me to go with my gut because God gives mothers amazing intuition. It’s true. I pray the babies continue to do better with their sleeping and the GERD and that you and Ryan also can get more sleep. It will make such a difference – as you know I’m sure! Blessings to you all.

    • this touched my heart so deeply!!! i want to keep them in their rock n’ plays FOREVER haha
      God absolutely gave us Mama’s intuition!!! thank you so much for all your love and prayers—so touching and appreciate you loving on me

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