We are on our way to feeling better!!


image-20I have been so fortunate to have has Ryan home with us all last week.  It has really been such a blessing. I have fallen even more in love with Ryan and his role as a Daddy and how he cares for me as his wife and the Mom to our children. It couldn’t have been a more perfect week to have Ry home considering poor Charlize had pneumonia and the boys, bronchitis. Ayayayaya sick babies are ROUGH!!! But we are pushing through and everyone is on their way to feeling better!! At this point, Sawyer, who got sick last, is struggling the most but they are all really happy babies. My Charlize, especially, is enjoying extra sick snuggles. The worst part of them being sick, aside form how horrible it is too see my little ones not feeling well, is sucking snot out of their noses. O M G!!! It is totally disgusting, but somehow incredibly accomplishing all at the same time. The babies need to have an inhaler. They all finally seem to be taking to it much better than they did initially!!! We call the inhaler time of the day “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

Inhaler time: Puff the magic dragon

It was a bummer the babies were so sick during Ryan’s time off, but I was incredibly grateful that we could tackle the babies first sick experience together!!


Daddy and His Boys

In the meantime we have been trying to enjoy some outdoors while the babes are on their way to feeling 100%. They have had some pool time!!! The babies first pool experience So far, the boys seem to be the only ones really enjoying it!!image-23



Charlize is finally feeling more like her self. She has discovered a new sound in her voice and is starting to talk a lot!!image-22

I am super fortunate that Nana will be helping me every Tuesday with the babies!!!  This is a huge blessing!!!


I have been having some tough Mama days and yesterday I was so blessed by my dearest dearest friend, who I have known nearly all my life. Thank you precious Jenn for reminding me that I am doing a great job and for loving on me!!! I love you so much!!!image-26

Thank you so much for all your love and prayers for our little family!!!


2 thoughts on “We are on our way to feeling better!!

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to update your blog! I know you are soooo busy and you have your arms full. You look so good and at peace in your latest pictures. I pray for your family and I know God will answer those prayers!

    • aww thank you! iam sorry it took so long!!!motherhood can be tough at times and it has been a harder journey than I anticipated, but I am so immensely blessed by my hope angels!!! thank you for following us!!! i so appreciate your prayers and omg my cuties are so loved. thank you for loving our babies

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