Sleepy Boys #cheeks


Burping my super sleepy boys is the hardest. haha If you have been over to our house then you know we are FREAKS about the babies being burped well #ohmygerd. Thanks to GERD, they need to have really good feedings and burped every half ounce. The boys were so tired from our Doctors visit yesterday that they passed out during their lunch time feeding. it was so adorable. They melt me.

As of now, Charlize sounds the worst, but she is actually doing better than Jax. Sawyer, despite having bronchitis, is doing okay and full of a few more smiles than the other two cuties. They are all my little snot rags. I have become a profession snot sucker–so gross!! I can just say the nosefrida is amazing.

Here is a video of my boys during their feeding yesterday. so cute!

My Sleepy boys sleep eating

Charlize and Sawyer had some bonding time today too!! it was too cute.

Charlize and Sawyer Bonding

Now that all three babies can role from their tummies to their backs the Doctor said we could start feeding them cereal. They all LOVE it!!!

Rice cereal was a HIT!



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