A Long Awaited Fortin Trio Update


One year ago today we found out that I had three precious snowflakes growing inside me. I cannot even believe now, my little snowflakes are nearly 6 months old. Time needs to be still so I can savor every crazy moment of my day.

The Fortin Trio is thriving and growing so fast. As I shared in earlier posts, all three babies were diagnosed with GERD shortly after we returned home from the NICU. It has been intensely difficult. Reflux is horrible and I feel for any Mama who has had to endure the tribulations of a reflux baby. It has taken us awhile to figure out how to provide the best care for our hope angels with reflux. For weeks we have been feeding them less milk more often, which seems to be the number one tip that helped their reflux. They are fed every two hours, which is crazy, but it was life changing in the world GERD vs. The Fortin Triplets.

We have an appointment tomorrow, so we will see how much they weigh. We will be talking with the Doctor about their GERD and a milk intolerance. Also, poor Charlize seems to have a bit of a tilted head:( Hopefully that will get worked out soon otherwise my sweet girl may bring fashion to wearing baby helmets! The babies are now on their 5th type of formula. I gave them my breast milk up until 12 weeks, which I am pretty darn proud of, but ultimately, it was too much for me and made things hard with my PPD. So, formula it was.  We have had a tough time finding a formula that doesn’t make our babies so uncomfortable with gas and tummy pain. Their sleep is often interrupted from their reflux, delayed burps (even though they are burped every half ounce) or big painful farts!! So, if you could be praying my little ones would heal and that God would give us some wisdom on how to care for them and provide the best needs for them.

We are on a tight schedule:

7am-wake up and eat!


Play time!!

8:30-Cat nap

9:15-Wake up and eat! again! Play time!! worship Jesus. Run errands or play with friends!!


10:45-Cat nap

11:30-wake up and eat!! again!!

play time


12:30-Eat eat eat!!

1:00-Bath time

I recently started giving the babes two baths a day because I was advised that with GERD babies it will help them sit up and digest their food a bit and get them ready for nap time…and it was one of the best changes we made to help their reflux!

1:30 Big Long Nap

4:00 Wake up and eat!!


Go on a walk or go to the park


play with Daddy


6:00pm Eat again!

6:30pm Bath time and story time with Daddy


7:00pm Sweet dreams!!!

11:30pm Eat again

4:00am Eat again

7:00am Do it all over again:)

Charlize Hope


Charlize is my sweet angel. She is full of giggles and my ray of sunshine. She is also my little diva princess. Charlize is our silent reflux baby. And like her brothers can get as gassy as ever.  Charlize loves fashion and has a smile that will steal your heart. Ryan calls her his “Black Widow,” because nice she gives you that sparkle look in her eye she sucks you right into her sweet soul and there is no going back.


Today Charlize discovered her brother and started giggling away. It might have been the cutest thing ever. Charlize thinks Jax is funny

Sawyer Reed

My sweet sweet Sawyer is our talkative one. Although, Jax is trying to catch up to him, he is our little talker. Our boys are thick and their chunkiness doesn’t get any better. Sawyer loves the play mat and when I sing “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love you tomorrow,” over and over again. The boys especially struggle with tummy aches throughout the night (hence the possible milk intolerance–not to mention Ry is allergic to dairy). During those tough moments of letting out big ole man farts my sweet boy loves to be snuggled close and as tight as possible.

Sawyer’s laughter is so contagious. This video is hilarious as Sawyer and Charlize find Auntie Noelle super funny, but Jax is not impressed.

Baby gut laughter


Jax Ryan


My sweet Jax. I love his thighs and his cheeks. I think he is slightly ahead in the chunky cheeky category. And it is the  most adorable thing ever. Jax has his precious little strawberry next to his left eye and literally–that is the ONLY way we can tell them apart. I mix them up all the time. ha Jax is rocking it from rolling from his tummy to his back!!! Go baby go. I am so proud. Jax too struggles with some gas pains throughout the night and loves snuggles just as much as Sawyer. I have never met babies who rip it as bad as mine. But they are so beautiful and growing and healthy!!


This might be one of my favorite videos of the boys. I have always kept them all on the same schedule. It keeps my sanity. So when one baby wakes up–everyone wakes up. On this particular day, my boys were pooped out!!!

The wake up song

Look how much my babies have changed:


My Fun-ny parenting moment!!!

image-13Did you know that Bumbos don’t float in the bath tub? Well, we learned the hard way. We filled the tub, got our babies naked, and got ready for bath time. I set the bumbos in the tub, all to find out they float. In the mean time I have my naked boys peeing all over my bathroom floor and everyone is screaming…so what do you do in a situation like this–you do a quick family bath, in your clothes, in which everyone doesn’t enjoy!

My proud parenting moment!


I have worked really hard to get all three of my babies to self soothe and go to sleep on their own. I started with cat naps and then moved to our big nap and bed time. I anticipated doing cry it out, but never needed to–they literally they go to bed all by themselves. Thank you Jesus.  We sing one worship song to them and before even finishing our song all three are dreaming away! It is amazing!!

I am so fortunate and truly blessed beyond measures by my sweet hope babies. What a beautiful story the Lord has orchestrated for me. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world, but undoubtably the most rewarding. I am doing a lot better with my PPD. and have learned the importance of speaking out during my hard days. I have been blessed by new friendships and incredibly touched by the many who have showered my family in so much love. Thank you for being there for us and loving my family so much!!! My love for my snowflakes is infinite and I am so blessed the God handmade my angels for me. They are perfect and richly bless my heart!


My goal is to blog more and share the journeys of the #fortintrio with you. I have so received great treasures in sharing my heart and the story God has made for me and I hope to share more with you as my babies grow. All my love your way and thank you for showering our family in so much lovin!! It takes a VILLAGE to raise my babies:)

6 thoughts on “A Long Awaited Fortin Trio Update

  1. Your babies are beautiful! I wanted to pass on the formula that was a lifesaver for my milk intolerant daughter. It’s called Baby’s only organic lacto-relief formula. It has a special enzyme that helps break down the milk protein I believe. You can get it on Amazon. It’s not inexpensive, but still less than some of the prescription formulas available. Best of luck with the reflux… I can only imagine having three babies at once with it. It definitely gets better as they sit up and crawl and start to walk. Hang in there!

  2. Still following your story-didn’t see anything for a while during the time you were down, I understand (I’m a mom who had four under four) Things do get better & settled with age. Now,
    I will read your other updates.

    • aww THANK YOU!!!! Yes, my goal is to blog more!!! it is for me, you know and I am so blessed by so much love and support, i can’t help but share our cuties with the world!!! Thank you for following us and all my love your way xoxox

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