My Three Little Lambs of God


Photographed by Susan Scott Photography

From left to right: Sawyer, Charlize, and Jax

Throughout my pregnancy there were several people who called my little trio “The Little Lambs of God.” How amazing is it, that without even telling our photographer this, she captured our little lambs and titled the photo “Little Lambs of God.” So beautiful. Our little angels are lambs of God, so beautifully and timely knitted together in my womb. What a perfect story the Lord has made for me. Even when I didn’t understand my infertility, I knew it was the storm I was in and that God would bring me my rainbow. And as I have said a dozen times before, this is not the story I would have ever made for myself, it is EVEN BETTER.

The love that explodes in my heart for my little loves is greater than I ever knew I could feel for someone. Being a Mother is truly a special gift and I am soaking it in and loving it even through my tiresome days and nights.

Life has been busy since we got home with our trio. It was the biggest blessing ever to be able to bring home all 3 babies on the same day. PRAISE GOD!! Our hospital hasn’t seen this happen with triplets in years and we were so blessed. God gave us an amazing NICU staff who took especially wonderful care of our babies. We bonded with Brandi, one of our incredible nurses, who taught me a lot–even helped me learn tandem breastfeeding!!!  She was a major advocate in helping our babies progress and breaking out of the NICU!!!





Finally leaving the NICU!


They love their mamaroos!!!

Here is our drive home from the NICU:

Breaking out of the NICU

I could write forever, but i have about 12 minutes before we start feedings again. haha I am planning to find time to continue sharing our journey and the story God has for us and our family. Here are a few updates:

Our babies are doing amazing. They had their first follow up Doctor’s appointment and all went really well. Mom and I went together and we were only 15 minutes late, which felt impressive.




They are on a 3 hour schedule. THANK YOU NICU team!!!! They feed at 3,6,9, and 12–around the clock. The 3am hour is the HARDEST!!! Each baby takes about 20-30 minutes to feed giving me about an hour and a half between each feeding to do whatever my heart desires-sleep, blog, shower, etc. I am producing enough milk for all 3 babies for every single feeding. PRAISE JESUS!!! I even started a stash of breast milk in our freezer!! wow wow wow!!! Our NICU doctor told us she had only seen one other triplet Mom produce enough milk for all three of her kids. And after my complications post c section, I wasn’t expected to produce much. What a miracle!!  Every morning after their 9am feeding I prepare their bottles for 24 hours. I have a bit of type A personality in me and this helps me stay very organized! 27 bottles total including their daily vitamins. I am pumping like crazy and thankful for all this milk!


Charlize is my little Princess.


She is the only one I have had the opportunity to have my own little mini photo shoot with. Eventually, I will be able to get more of the boys too! Charlize is now 5lbs 12 oz. She is so calm and so patient. She is typically the last to be fed because she doesn’t fuss much. She LOVES her sleep and reminds me a lot of my sister-in-law and nephew.


She is just darling. I love my snuggles with her.








My boys are just too cute-major twinning!!! I cannot tell them apart! The only way I know which baby I am holding is the birthmark that Jax has next to his left eye! The boys feed off each other and love to snuggle together. They are a bit more sensitive than Charlize haha

Sawyer is a cutie. I did get one shot of him, but it doesn’t do my heart justice haha The boys deserve more photo session time! Sawyer is darling and loves to be in my arms. He LOVES his pacifier like you wouldn’t believe. He is now 5lbs 3oz. He also loves to be swaddled. He has the cutest lips ever and I love when he koo’s to Jax.


Jax is full of personality, as well. He, like Sawyer, is a bit more sensitive. The boys remind me of me–everything needs to be just right in order to be comfortable. He gives out lots of smiles to us and it is the cutest thing ever. He, as well, is pacifier crazed! He is now 5lbs 4oz. Our babies are growing growing growing!!! Jax has been giving us all kinds of smiles-melt me!! He and Sawyer koo to each other all the time and it is adorable. Here is a cute video of the boys:

Snuggle twin time




Being a Mom isn’t always easy and I have even already had “I am a terrible Mom” moments, but it is such a learning experience and something i will always treasure!!!

I am recovering from my c-section very well. I think my pain tolerance must be high because it hasn’t been terribly difficult. I am feeling pretty good even though a few people have asked me when my baby is due (people should know to NEVER ask that question.)

Ry and I are adjusting to our new routine. We are INCREDIBLY fortunate to be living at home and are so blessed by my parents and the support, help, and love the continue to show us. They are truly remarkable Grandparents! My Dad has nicknames for each baby and found theme songs to sing to them. I always believed my children would rock my Dad’s heart in a way only Jesus could do and I am blessed to see the King of joy and healing use my babies to reach His heart with love!! My Mom is remarkable!!! She tells stories and makes future plans with each of her doll babies!!! They melt my heart!!! She is so helpful with laundry and cleaning. I truly don’t know how we would do it without them!!!




Mommy time with all my cuties!!






It has been incredibly hot here… my poor littles!! To help with the heat in the nursery, we ended up buying a window air conditioner and it has been a dream!!!


Auntie Danielle lovin


Auntie Deanna snuggles


What a beautiful journey. Trying to soak in all my moments with my little hope babies!!

4 thoughts on “My Three Little Lambs of God

  1. I am so happy to see all of these amazing updates and so happy for you that you are able to produce so much milk! I tandem fed my twins for a year, hardest thing ever but also the most rewarding. Being a momma is hard and for the rest of your life you will have those “I’m a terrible mom” moments, but God choose you to raise those sweet babies up and only you can do it the way He has planned, on good mom days and even on bad ones. You’re awesome! I love seeing your pictures and hearing your updates. I continue to pray for you during this very fun but exhausting time 😃 I don’t know how my hubby and I would have done it without the amazing help we had from family. I’m so glad you have that too!

  2. Oh Desiree I do hope you continue to blog theses precious miracles and the continuation of your redemptive story. I came here after your gender reveal went viral. I find your story to be so beautiful and hopeful. Your babies are so precious. I pray God’s continued blessings on your lovely family.

    “A baby is God’s opinion the world should go on.” Carl Sandburg

    Imagine what THREE babies means!

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful babies. I became familiar with your amazing story through your sister in law Kristin. Kristin and I were talking about my husband and I are struggling with infertilty. We have tried for years and have been patients at a fertility clinic for the last year. Your story gives us hope.

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