Welcome to the World Charlize Hope, Sawyer Reed, and Jax Ryan!!


August 17th had finally come. I was ready, happy, and excited. I took a nice luke warm bath and prepared for our morning. I had to eat breakfast before 7. The day was going as planned and we, unfortunately, received a call from our Doctor’s office and my Doctor was on her way home from a family trip and her flight has been delayed. I was suddenly in tears. I had waited for this day and was so proud that we actually met our goal of 34 weeks and 1 day! I was worried my c-section wasn’t even going to happen. They told me to come in around 3.  Finally around noon, my Doctor called me personally and said there was some kind of miscommunication and to come to the hospital as soon as I could so we could get the ball rolling.

“Come and bring everything!!” She said.

It was so good to hear those words. So, Nicole, Ryan’s twin sister, Ry, and I headed to San Diego to our hospital. My heart was filled with anticipation and excitement. We got in and saw Dr. P. August 17th was definitely the day when my littles would come into the world. She told me I could probably go a few more days, but she didn’t think the babies would grow all that much more. And I wasn’t interested. ha


My absolutely AMAZING Doctor!!


I got admitted and the wait was on. One by one, my family showed up. It was so important to me to have our families there. There was something about knowing they were waiting for the arrival of our babies that meant a lot to me. And like many others in my life, they too, are very much apart of our hope story and our hope babies were longly anticipated by them, as well. During our wait, Nicole, Ry, and I were entertained by making videos. It was pretty funny. I loved being able to hug and share moments with my family before they took me back.



Laura was one of my Labor and Delivery nurses and she was prepping me. I had to  do a long NST until I was taken back which I think went by fast. Laura was amazing and meshed well with our family. Love her and her heart!!! I was even  more overjoyed when one of my favorite labor and delivery nurses, Jessica, popped into my room. It was like a reunion as she has walked with me through several triage visits and my first steroid shot. She is amazing. Both Jessica and Laura had worked their full shift,  but stayed longer to help through the delivery. So sweet and my heart was so happy to have them. It was finally time.

My sweet Laura right before she took me back for my C section


And the amazing Jessica!! Post Babies!! Absolutely adore her!!


There was about 20 or so people in my delivery room. I had a team and each one of my babies had a team. They prepped me for surgery and I was ready to go. Ry came in and I remember being so happy to see him. I was shaking a lot and felt a bit more secure with him by my side. “You’re so beautiful. We are going to meet our babies soon. I love you!” He kept saying over and over. I could feel some tugging. I didn’t even realize they had started. I told Ry “You may want to look over, I think something is happening.” And in that instance, Charlize was out. My Doctor popped her over the curtain for a split second and she along with the boys were rushed to the NICU. I didn’t get to see Sawyer, but I knew that they needed to go to the NICU. Ry went with them, while my Doctor took out my cerclage and stitched me up. I was tired and couldn’t stop thinking about my babies. My Doctor was fabulous and so was my whole team. i was so fortunate to experience the birth of my babies with such a truly remarkable Doctor and amazing team who were there for me and my babies.

Birth weights:

Charlize Hope 5lbs 4oz

Sawyer Reed 4lbs 9oz

Jax Ryan 4lbs 9oz









Grandma and Grandpa (IN LOVE with this shot!)


Auntie Danielle and Uncle Rony


Auntie Nicole and Auntie Deanna


Nana and Papa


I was taken back to recovery with Jessica and Laura. My Mom was there to meet us. This was where the complications began. The nurses kept checking to make sure my uterus was moving down towards it’s original position and it was not. Blood clots were forming, the size of a golf balls, and every time they pushed on my stomach lots of blood would come out. My Doctor was prepared and we knew I was high risk for this occurring, even though I thought it wouldn’t. During this time, I remember looking at a couple pictures Ry had sent and I was sucking down ice chips like crazy. Everything around this time started to get foggy and I can’t remember much. My Doctor was called in.  I had lost 2 liters of blood already. She started getting orders out and a blood transfusion ready. She wasn’t even sure they had an OR available and even said they would do the surgery in the recovery room if they had to. Dr. P told Mom “Please go find Ry, and be praying for Desiree.” I was giving some kind of anesthesia. Jessica and Laura continued to stay to be there for me, as well.

I was finally back in recovery. It was late, around 3am. My Mom was still with me. I was really out of it.  Ry arrived and he had a worried look on his face. There was such a high after our babies were born and immediately such a low with what I was going through. He came in a held my hand. I was dosing in and out, while our Doctor came in and rubbed my feet sharing with Ry what had happened. At that point I was stable and taken to another room. Nurses came in a lot. They had to continually press on my stomach to make sure no blood clots were coming out. It hurt so much.  I had blood taken every four hours 4 hours for days to make sure my levels were looking more normal. Around 7am, my nurse from the night before, Jessica, walked in and was with me for the day. I was so happy to see her. All i could think about was how I hadn’t met my babies. I asked her over and over to go see them. “I am going to do everything I can to make sure you meet them before my shift i over.” The hours went by. Ry did facetime with me so I could see the babies. I was still super out of it and coming in and out of sleeps. I would tell my Doctor when she came in for reports and to check on me, “I am really trying to listen, but I am so tired.” Thank God Ry was there to ask the needed questions. My Doctor had inserted a balloon and a vaginal pack into  to help stop the bleeding. Both needed to come out. I wish I could have had drugs for this part. The vaginal pack was the longest wash cloth ever. I have never felt more pain as the Doctor continually pulled the never ending washcloth out of my vagina. I cried in deep pain and asked to take breaks as she pulled the pack out. Next was the balloon, which was nothing compared to the washcloth. Undoubtably the worst pain I have ever experienced.

The day was rolling by. Ry went to the NICU often. My heart ached to see my babies. Finally we got the go ahead to head over to the NICU for a quick visit. Ry and I were so excited-even Jessica was elated. It was a process getting out of bed and to my wheel chair. It was painful and I was so weak, it was hard to move. By the time I got to the wheelchair, I was crying because of how hard it was to get to the wheel chair and my body was just hurting.

“If this is too much for you, we can always wait,” Jess said.

I glared into her eyes and she into mine. Both of us had welted tears forming in our eyes. “I need to do this, i told her.”

I was wheeled into the NICU. My heart bursted with anticipation. The first baby I met was Sawyer, I couldn’t hold my emotions in. I had been waiting for this moment for a long time. One by one I met our darling hope babies. I got to touch them and love on them. It was perfect. “Do you want to hold one?” I was so taken by surprise. I got to hold Charlize and it was the most perfect moment. I couldn’t stay long at the NICU, but the time I had took me to cloud 9. So much love for my daughter and sons had completely covered my heart. It was a moment I will forever remember.







I am so incredibly in love with our angels. God has richly blessed my heart and I am so overjoyed by the beautiful story of hope He so intricately designed for my family. Our babies are such perfect gifts from Heaven!

Babies Update: All three are doing pretty well. All are on room air! Sawyer and Jax came off phototherapy a few days ago. All three are also off their IV’s.  Right now they all mainly need to work on their feeding and growing. Once they can master that we will be released to come home. I am doing great with milk production. I am little bit shy of producing enough milk for them for all feedings!! which is AMAZING and a miracle!!! Doctors were shocked, especially since my milk came in so soon considering everything I went through and rarely do they see a triplet Mom produce enough milk for all the needed feedings. All three babes latch and suck, which is also awesome, but it is a work in progress! It is the hardest thing ever leaving them at the NICU. I am thankful for the progress they are making. We spend our days at the NICU and soak in as much snuggle and loving as we can with our daughter and boys.

Me and my Sawyer


Darling little Jax


Ah MELT ME!!! My first time holding Jax!!! A precious moment Ryan caught!!


My little Princess!!


All that hair and those darling eyes.


Holding my boys together for the first time!!! ahhh PERFECTION


Seriously!!! Daddy and Jax!!


Mommy and Charlize. Snuggle time!!


Sawyer and Mommy. Be still my heart!


Mom holding Sawyer for the first time


A video of Mommy snuggling Jax

A few days ago we shared in the incredible  joy of holding all three babies since they were born! OMG!!! It was perfection!!! And filled my heart up!!! What darling little angels the Lord had given us.






A video clip of Daddy Holding all 3!!

The Recovery: I am doing pretty well for the most part and feel myself getting stronger and stronger each day. My Doctor said my recovery may be harder and longer because of the blood loss and transfusions, but it hasn’t been too bad at all. THANK YOU JESUS. I am pretty much off my pain meds. I have MAJOR night sweats!! Ayayyay Every now and then I feel weak and I am learning a balance between finding rest at home and spending our days at the NICU. The C section itself was a walk in the park and I can’t complain a whole lot about my recovery. God so blessed me.

So blessed y such an amazing team of Doctors and nurses!!! So thankful for our family-for my Mom who comes with me everyday to the NICU because Ry is back at work. So touched by each one of you and your incredible outpour of love and support!! My heart is the fullest it’s every been!! So thankful for our darling babies. The story of Hope God made for me is far more beautiful than ANYTHING I could have ever made for myself!!

15 thoughts on “Welcome to the World Charlize Hope, Sawyer Reed, and Jax Ryan!!

  1. Praise God for the arrival of this beautiful trio! I started reading your story after seeing your gender reveal on Facebook! I was so inspired by you and Ryan’s strength and continued faith that I just had to follow along on your incredible journey. I believe that you and Ryan and those darling babies are in for an amazing life together and I’m beyond happy for you 5 and your families! Congrats to the Fortin family from Colorado. Prayers of continued healing for you and strengthening for the babies so they can go home soon!

  2. I have been waiting for this one. Here I sit a complete stranger and so enthralled by your sweet story of redemption. Your babes are perfect. I look forward to watching them gain and grow along with you. My prayers continue for your sweet family. Prayers for health and recovery. Prayers for growth and weight gain. Prayers for easy feeds and learning how to synch breathing and eating…so hard when you are just itty bitty. Prayers for a joyous homecoming.

    Congratulations on your beautiful and hard fought family.

  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful family you have been blessed with! I can’t wait for the updates as Sawyer, Jax & Charlize get older & their personalities emerge. Wishing God’s blessings for all of you.

  4. I have been checking daily for an update! So glad to hear you and the babies are doing well! I had an emergency csection for a singleton at 34 weeks and he also weighed 4.9! I also lost a lot of blood as well. He was in the NICU for 3 weeks learning to breathe on his own. He’s now an ornery rambunctious ball of perfection who turns 2 in 2 months! Congrats on your 3 miracles and wish you all nothing but the best!

  5. What an amnazing thing that is the human body! I know you’ve been through a lot, but let me say: You look stunning! And your babies are SO perfect. With love, family and faith, there is nothing impossible. I am so happy for your family and glad you are all getting better day by day. Hope you get to take them home soon. What a blessing! Love from Brazil.

  6. Beautiful story! So thrilled you are feeling stronger by the day; your little ones are so precious. God has definitely blessed you and Ryan. What a miracle!

  7. Can’t even describe how estatic I am for you and your family. I’ve been following your blog since I saw your gender reveal. What an amazing journey you have been on. You, Ryan and your family are truly blessed. God is amazing! Have fun with your babies, I hope they get released to come home soon. Just beautiful!

  8. we had a new delivery yesterday too! our 7th great-grandchild—a beautiful 8lb baby girl and she was a miracle too! i have been keeping up with your progress and was thinking maybe all these little miracles will be born on the same day and it actually happened…God bless you and your sweet new family….

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