Fortin Trio Update: 34 Weeks


Tomorrow I get to experience a moment I have been waiting for and dreaming of for sometime now. I am so full of excitement and joy that my heart could burst.  God has continually been molding and equipping me for the roll of Motherhood.  My journey to parenthood has been hard, tearful, and exhausting; yet beautifully perfect, full of hope, and undoubtably greater than any journey I could have ever made for myself. My story has been worth every heart wrenching moment that I had to endure and overcome because God showed me what it really means to preserver in hope.  We grew in our faith and learned what it ultimately means to step out in faith and trust in the intricate details of the story that God was making for us-even when we didn’t understand. And little did we know the Lord had even greater plans in store for us. Plans bigger than we could have ever asked for or imagined.

Fortin Trio Update:

God is such a miracle-worker and we are beyond grateful to have made it 34 weeks!! WOW!! What a beautiful journey the Lord has made for us. Our babies are on a roll. I am so thankful that my appointments went so well this week. My NST’s were long and tiring, but a success as we were able to go home. I did have to go back on Saturday for a 3rd NST because our little Jax was super active during our initial NST, so they wanted to make sure his heart rate had slowed down. And it did. Jax has the most space and utilize it with all kinds of moving, so he is one lucky little guy.

I cannot wait for Monday. Tomorrow I become a Mom to my three little angels. My heart is bursting through the seams. God has designed such a miracle story of hope and faith for us. To just think by tomorrow night I will have my darling angels in my arms!! My c section is later in the day, so please be patient with us in getting pictures of our insta-family up.



5 Fun Facts

  1. I got to FaceTime with my sister and oldest friend, Jenn!!! She is going to be an amazing Auntie!!! We have known each other since Kindergarten and I am so excited for the memories we will share with Charlize, Sawyer, and Jax.
  2. Mom and I have made it to season 4 of Friday Night Lights. I love Tim Riggins even though he has a tendency to make horrible decisions. Landry and Tyra are also my favorite couple-too bad they were shortly lived. Oh TV shows!!!
  3. My Dad bought me a personal mister to keep me cool in this heat. I LOVE IT!!! Mom and Dad truly take such good care of me. We are so fortunate to be living with them and so appreciate all they have done for us. So excited for the special moments we will share with our trio.
  4. My belly is measuring 50 weeks pregnant!! O M G.
  5. Our babies enjoy classical music. They were dancing all around-all 3 all at one time!! Adorable!   Ryan is going to be such an amazing Daddy. My heart is so full!!!          image-5

My darling friend, Grace, came by to visit. She is treasure and has such a heart of LOVE. It was such perfect timing as well because Grace was sharing that she was on the search for a new car to get her by and my Mom decided to give her her old car. So incredibly thoughtful and makes my heart full that Grace is so blessed by this gift.


I was also blessed by friends from our church who came to visit. Aubree was in youth ministry when Ry and I served as leaders. She always called Ryan “Dad” and me “Mom.” It was something that always meant a lot to me. It was so nice to visit with Aubree, her Mom, and sister.


When our Gender Reveal Video went viral, God brought a very special and dear friend, Kacey. It was an instant connection and little did we know, not only did we live down the street from each other, she was also seeing my Fertility Doctor in La Jolla!!! It was the perfect friendship match!! She is such a brave and strong woman and I am so proud of how she is persevering through her own journey of hope!! What an inspiration she is!


I was so blessed by one of my very dearest friends, Kris, who came to visit me!!! She has made so many visits and given me great company during my bedrest. Her heart is full of so much love and I know she will be such an incredible Auntie to my babies. I cannot wait to see her hold them!!


Brigid and Craig are like my second parents. Their daughter, Jenn, is like a sister to me. We have known each other for 24 years. Brigid and Craig visited this weekend and they were so incredibly thoughtful and helped Ry and Dad put one of our cribs together. It took about 2.5 hours, but they were so patient and conquered!! I love them so much!!!


Thank you for showering our hearts in so much love and prayers during our infertility season and this season of pregnancy. Our story is one of hope and it is a very special gift God has made for us. We are so fortunate to have so much love and support and our darling trio is already so cherished and loved. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and we so look forward to all the joys and adventures ahead as we become parents to our hope triplets!





6 thoughts on “Fortin Trio Update: 34 Weeks

  1. Your story gives me nothing but hope and inspiration. I am also pregnant with triplets. They are due in December but will hopefully stay put until November. We are having all girls. We will be 23 weeks Wednesday. Your and your family have been in prayers since I ran across your blog googling triplet pregnancy. Every time I read your blog and see how great you are doing gives me the strength to know I can do this. My fear has always been losing my little girls. I will continue to keep you, your husband, and your precious trio in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. i am absolutely thrilled for these sweet triplets to be here, CONGRATULATIONS!!wanted to let you know about embryo adoptions, …..snowflakes……., in california, they save extra embryo’s to be adopted by loving men and women, thank you

  3. So happy for you. I have kept up with your blog since seeing the reveal online. I am so happy for all of you. Praying for you and the triplets. Best luck today!

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