Fortin Trio Update: 32 Weeks!!!


We are so incredibly thankful to meet our goal of 32 weeks!! This is a HUGE milestone for us. God is so faithful and so amazing. The babies are well and should be measuring around 4 pounds or so. My cervix is at a 1.3 and Sawyer and Charlize are head down.  We go in tomorrow for a regular appointment and I will also get my second round of steroid shots to help with their lung development. I started my non stress tests last week. I am definitely contracting more and the tightness and pressure have increased. We are hoping we can hang on for another 2 weeks, but we will see what God has in store for our family. We are continue to ride the wave of the beautiful story He has made for us.

My non stress tests are not my favorite thing, but I am happy that after my first two I was able to come home and continue bed rest here rather than in the hospital. My belly continues to be as lopsided as ever. Oh my little darlings!!!


Fun Facts:

1. I woke up the morning of December 15, 2014 and could remember a very vivid dream God gave me the night before. I had a dream we had triplets, two girls and a boy. This was just a couple weeks before our transfer. God has spoken to me several times in my dreams.  Often throughout our infertility journey I would ask the Lord to let me dream about my family, my children. And He was so faithful. He would bring me hope in the midst of my disparity in my dreams.  So beautiful.  It is amazing how God can speak to us. I wrote in my notes on my phone about my dream.  It made me feel very hopeful that our Invitro would be successful.  However to be honest, I never actually thought we would fall pregnant with triplets!!! Of course, God had an even greater story for us than I could have ever painted for myself, a more perfect story. In my dream, we had two girls and a boy, but we are of course having two boys and girl. Nonetheless, it is amazing that God gave this to me.


2. I have been so blessed by many who have sent love and encouraging words in the mail!! Thank you so much for thinking of me!!!

3. My Dad makes the most delectable breakfasts!! He is an AMAZING chef!!!

4. I am carrying nearly half my normal body weight in my belly. I feel like I should be getting stronger!!! Oh my Belly.



5. My poor Ryan had to have all 4 wisdom teeth pulled last Friday. Timing was interesting, but we are thankful I didn’t go into labor. He recovered in Fallbrook with his parents. Jean, his Step-Mom, is AMAZING, and took fabulous care of him. He iss very lucky to have her. Ryan’s Dad is also recovering from vertigo, so she had her hands full!!! Ry got back home today and is still in some pain and continues to rest. My poor honey!!!

6. I hit season 6 of Grey’s Anatomy and am taking a break. We are now exploring lots of movies. McFarland was amazing!

7. My belly grew an extra inch round.

8. I am so HAPPY it is August!!!

9. Ryan spoiled me and picked up some of my favorite::: frozen yogurt!!! It was delicious!!!

10. I like taking baths to help with the discomfort and aches at this point in my pregnancy.

I was blessed with some special company this week. Delia is a long time family friend and came for a visit. She is so sweet and I am so happy she is in our family. It was so nice to share in some smiles with her!!


I also had a visit from a dear friend of mine, Mariah. I absolutely treasure this girl so deeply and her precious growing family. Mariah has a daughter and is 6 weeks behind me with her second baby girl!!! It is such a joy to share this season of pregnancy together. We are always bound to laugh and share in good quality time together. She is a one of a kind kind of girl. Love you so much my very special friend!!!



THANK YOU so much for all your love and outpour of prayers and encouraging words. They touch our hearts so much and we are so blessed and honored to walk our journey with you. God is so incredibly beautiful in all His ways and even during this time of rest He teaches me the beauty in actually resting. I am beyond grateful for my family who has taken incredible care of me, especially as the days have gotten harder and more uncomfortable. As we wait upon the arrival of our darling angels, we send the greatest hearts of thanksgiving your way and appreciate your love and encouraging words!!!


4 thoughts on “Fortin Trio Update: 32 Weeks!!!

  1. Desiree! Yay!!!! 32 weeks!!!! I pray for you every night and think of you and your little ones every morning! I myself have two little boys (6 and 4). God is so good Desiree you are right, he blesses us all every day! He is just amazing with what he can do for us all if we just have faith! Hang in there Love!!!! You are just too darn cute!

  2. You go, girl! I am so proud of you and so blessed to see the faithfulness of God in your life and the lives of your little ones! Just want you to know I LOVE YOU!!!

  3. So happy you made it this far! I posted on one of your other blog posts a few months ago and came back to say my husband and I have decided to move forward with IVF. I have PCOS and we’ve been trying for almost 18 months (with a miscarriage added in there). Whenever I have doubts if it will work or not, I pray for God to ease my anxiety (of course) but also think of awesome success stories like yours.

    Praying that you are comfortable the rest of your pregnancy and that God blesses you with a healthy delivery and strong, healthy babies! You’re almost there!

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