Fortin Trio Update: 31 weeks


We are absolutely overjoyed to hit 31 weeks!! I am feeling humungo.  Some days are harder than others, but I am incredibly grateful for each day that passes. My cervix is measuring a 1.7. It is shrinking from the amount of pressure from my little trio. Super thankful that I can experience bed rest at home rather than in the hospital. My family and precious Ryan take such good care of me. Our darling trio is doing fabulous!! Below you will see their weights.

Charlize Hope

It was very difficult to get a profile picture of Charlize. Our Little Princess will be the first born and is at the very bottom of my belly. She kicks my bladder often. Our cutie is measuring 3lbs 9 oz.


Jax Ryan

Jax is laying across the very top of my belly. He kicks my ribs…often! Little stinker!! He is the most photogenic at our ultrasounds. He is 3lbs 9oz.image-32

Sawyer Reed

Sawyer is crammed between Charlize and Jax, all which continue to claim space on the left side of my belly. I feel him move all the time. Sawyer won for biggest baby this week.  He is 3lbs 10 oz.


Fun facts:

1. I have gained 53 pounds and my belly is 45 inches round.


2. Peek-a-Boo


3. Ryan and Rony, my brother-in-law, got our triplet jogger stroller together. Ryan’s school blessed us with this amazing gift!

4. I have been asking Ryan to bring me reese’s pieces and my Dad surprised me with a whole bundle. They are my favorite candy!!!


5. Ryan got our carseats in our Fortin Express Van!! Thank you to my special friend, Noelle, for blessing us with all 3 carseats!! WOW!!! So thoughtful!!! You truly touched our hearts!!!


Ryan has been working so hard to prepare for our babies. He is an amazing husband and he will be an incredible Daddy. Over the last few weeks he has played so many roles and I so appreciate all the hard work he has done as we prepare for the arrival of our triplets.


Bed Rest is going. It is hard. I have been down for 4 weeks, which has actually gone by faster than I would have expected. I am hoping to hang on for another 3 weeks. We will see what God has planned for us. I have been taking luke warm baths to help with some of the discomfort I am feeling. My contractions have increased, but not hospital worthy. Thank God! I have been trying to keep my bum and legs elevated to release pressure on my cervix. I am incredibly fortunate to be living at home with my parents. Mom, Dad, and Ry take truly fabulous care of me. Praying daily for endurance, strength, and patience. I have an appointment today and start non-stress tests this week.


I am so blessed by company. I was so fortunate to visit with our Youth Pastor, Gayelee, last week. Ryan and I served under her in youth ministry for 3 years. We have become so close. I love her heart and her friendship. It was so good to get together, be real, and share in laughter.


One of my closest friends, Kris, came by to visit me again. I absolute treasure her. She is one of a kind with a pure and golden heart. She offers so much love to me and I am so blessed by the friendship God has given us. She was so sweet and brought me my absolute favorite: frozen yogurt!!!!! Thank you!!!



I was so excited to meet the newest Villegas family member. My dear friend, Marina, brought by her precious newborn boy. I was so excited to meet him, hold him, and love on him. He is adorable. It was a treasure to visit with Marina. She is such a good friend to me. I so appreciated being able to spend time together and catch up!!


I love my twinsie so much. She has been incredibly helpful and has made some random visits which entirely make my day. She has been helpful in getting our nursery completed and brings me frozen yogurt nearly every time she comes. She has truly blessed my heart and is going to be such a great Auntie to our babies.


My sister, Deanna, is a rockstar. She has been incredibly supportive over the last few weeks. I am so blessed by her company! She spoils our little nuggets to pieces and any superhero items they will be wearing in the future will be in honor of her. She means the world to me.


Once again, thank you so much for all your love and prayers. They mean more than you know. Our Heavenly Father has so richly blessed our hearts and we are touched by the outpour of love and support. Hoping I can keep my little ones cooking a bit longer and steer clear of hospital bed rest. I know the Lord has the most perfect timing for our darling Charlize, Sawyer, and Jax and we trust Him as we patiently wait and ride the wave of this beautiful journey He has given us. I am blessed by the endurance and strength He continues to give me as I carry my precious loves. My heart overflows with love for them!

3 thoughts on “Fortin Trio Update: 31 weeks

  1. So wonderful to see!!!! Yay babies, hang in there!!!! Desiree you look amazing and you are doing so great! Before you know it, you will be holding your precious little ones! They are at great weights for 31 weeks! God is good!!!!

  2. Yah for making it to 31 weeks! God is truly blessing you and those amazing babies! Their weights are all looking great! Your doing such a great job! It must be so hard but try to get some sleep if you can because when those 2 blessings come home your going to be one busy Mama! Prayers that you can make it at least 3 more weeks like you hope for… looking forward to seeing pics of these 3 Beauties!

  3. Since you have plenty of time to sit and think, lol. Have you research RIC (routine infant circumcision)? Deciding not to follow other others footsteps and deciding to keep your sons rights as a human, boy and man is one of the greatest things you could possibly do for your two sweet boys. If you ha ent and you believe the old wives tale that it is an to have them cut I URGE you to research research research. This is not true. The foreskin an EXTREMELY important organ! Woman have many many many more problems with theirlady parts than any intact man! After all God wouldn’t of created something so perfect if he expected you to just cut it off. I promise it is not difficult by ANY means to car for. You literally wipe it ike a finger, NEVER retract and just let it be. So easy! I have two inta t biys of my own and so id my husband. Biys dont have to match their fathers. There is no shame in breaking out from so.ething so horrible. or Intact America has amazing info if you are on facebook. You can also look up Brother K if you are in fa ebook. He is the founder of intact america. Saving boys every day 🙂
    Best of luck to you, your family and your babies!!!!

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