Fortin Trio Update: 30 Weeks


Drum roll please… 30 WEEKS!!! I am so excited to be in the thirty’s. woohoo!!! We continue to take it one day at a time and physically things are certainly getting harder. I know that I can do this and pray that God continually protects our littles and gives me all the strength and endurance I need to carry my sweet trio as long as i can.

Our precious darlings are doing great! Here are their weights:

Charlize Hope 3lbs 2oz

Sawyer Reed 3lbs 3oz

Jax Ryan 3lbs 4oz

My cervix is also holding up at a 2.4! Praise Jesus! God is so good and truly with us every step of our journey.

This picture makes me laugh. SO MUCH BELLY. I feel like my stretch marks showed up overnight. haha And they are only on the left side of my belly because all the babies are all snuggled up and cozy only the left side of my body. My adorable little stinkers!


5 Fun Facts

1. I am on season 4 of Grey’s Anatomy. It has become a family affair in this household, even though no one will admit that they are really into the show and the drama. haha

2. Living at Mom and Dad’s has some pretty amazing perks!!  Both of my parents are great cooks. My mom made homemade chocolate peanut butter recess donuts. O M G!!! They were amazing!!! Ryan and I are incredibly fortunate to be living with my parents!! They have been so supportive and helpful in all aspects and I feel really blessed. My mom takes extra good care of me and has done so much to help us prepare for our triplets.


3. Mom and Ryan take turns shaving my legs and helping me with showers and baths. So humbling. They take such good care of me!!

4. I was so blessed by a friend from high school, Jean, who ordered dinner for us!! It was a delectable dinner-pizza and salads. She was incredibly thoughtful, as she ordered dinner so Ry could eat it, as well. He is allergic to dairy and gluten. We were so blessed and touched by her generous heart!!!

5. Ryan had a dream that one of our babies came out with a ton of hair, dark dark hair!! It reminded me of this picture of him and his twin sister, Nicole, when they were little. Nicole had dark hair when she was born and it eventually turned blonde. Weren’t they just too cute!!


I was so blessed my dear friend from church, Prisma, who came to visit me. She is a treasure and it meant so much to me to spend time with her. She has such a beautiful heart and brings me so much joy!


My dear friend, Ashlyn, and her adorable little girl also came to visit. I live for company!!! She brought us the most delicious sandwiches and it was such a joy to catch up. Little Isla has grown so much and she especially loved out big dogs, which was so cute to see her interact with them!! I treasure Ashlyn. She is a good friend to me!!!


I was so touched by a new friend, Kelly. She saw our gender reveal video and has been following our story. We have exchanged several emails and have become friends in doing so. She so generously sent me this adorable triplet top!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much Kelly!! You are so thoughtful and sweet!!!!


Feeling fashionable with that belly. I have noticed I feel a lot better each day just showering and getting dressed to lay on my throne of glory all day long.


Our family friends, Cathy and Vic, joined us for lunch and brought an absolutely delicious meal. They have been so loving and supportive on our journey.  it was so nice to catch up and spend time together. We enjoyed our lunch outside. The fresh air felt so good and the company was lovely.


We celebrated my Dad’s 57th Birthday!! He is such a great Dad and will be an incredible Grandpa. I cannot wait to see him holding the babies in his arms for the first time. Oh melt my heart!!!! It was so nice to enjoy an evening with my family and to celebrate my Dad who works so hard for our family and has a very sweet and loving heart.


I was so incredibly blessed by my friend, Kelsey. We have been connecting for months over our infertility experiences and I finally got to meet her for the first time. I so so blessed as she brought me some goodies and things to keep me busy while i am on bed rest. SO SO THOUGHTFUL!!!! Thank you beautiful girl!!!


I am so touched by all the love and support!!! You have no idea how much to means to us!! We are getting there!! I cannot wait for the day I get to hold my little angels in my arms!!

4 thoughts on “Fortin Trio Update: 30 Weeks

  1. Hello Desiree! I too found you on your gender reveal. Page! May God Bless you,, Ryan, your family and especially your three little miracle babies!

  2. You are blessed with many friends and an awesome family. Hold on those little ones are growing every day. Let’s make a goal of 4 lbs each. God bless

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