Fortin Trio Update: 29 Weeks


I am so happy to say we are 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant!! WOOHOO!! Our babies are doing well. At my last appointment my cervix was at a 2.6!!! PRAISE JESUS!!! This is huge and such great news. The Doctor is hopeful that my cervix won’t cause any issues for me the remainder of my pregnancy as long as I stick to my strict regime of bed rest. God is so good. I am so blessed by the strength and endurance He continually gives me to carry my babies!!

5 Fun Bed Rest Facts

1. My Dog, Gracie, lays with me all day. She is like my pal.

2. I have had so many sweet friends and family come and visit me. I live for these moments!! Food for my soul!!!

3. My Mom takes really good care of me. She and Dad cook the best meals ever.

4. My new show, Grey’s Anatomy, keeps me entertained.

5. My Mom massages my feet—which are not swollen at all.

My twin sister, Danielle, sent me the cutest note in the mail. It was so creative. She did a personalized word search and mad libs just for me!! Adorable! I love fan mail!!!

image-10 image-11

My friend, Kris, came to visit me. We go to church together and have become very close over the years.  She is a very special friend to me and I absolutely treasure my time with her. I love her heart and am so touched by her faith! It was so nice to visit together!!!


My Mom is AMAZING. Ry and I are enjoying living with my parents. It comes with some amazing perks, like home cooked meals!! O M G!! So yummy. And both my parents are great in the kitchen. Living the dream baby!!! My Mom has been there in more ways than I can even say.  She has done so much for us-laundry, cleaning, organizing, working on the nursery, making my bed, etc.  She helps me get up, shower, and shave my legs. She is the best!! I could go on and on. She is a dream Mom and I am very blessed to have her. Thank you for everything Mom!! i love you!!!


My sister-in-law, Nicole, who happens to be one of my very bestest friends came over to help with the nursery!  Our nursery is kind of divided into two rooms, which is great, super spacious. So we will have the cribs, dresser, changing table in one room and in the other our rocker, a chair for Ry, and my desk for work in the other.  The house we are living in is the same house my Mom grew up in so it is pretty cool that our babies will start their lives here.

Nicole spent so much time organizing and putting pictures up and accomplished so much!! It looks incredible!! The colors we used are light coral, light blue/teals, and grey. It is a Hello World theme with vintage cameras. I love it. My darling friend, Noelle, found and gifted all the beautiful decor! I am truly so blessed. It is more perfect than anything I could have dreamed of. It is still a work in progress. We are waiting on our cribs and rocker. And a bit more decorating, but it is coming together!! I was so touched by Nicole and all her hard work!! It looks so beautiful!!

Can’t wait to share more pictures once we have it completed!!!





We are now the proud owners of a 2015 Honda Odyssey!!!! Ryan turned in his man card for an even better man card! ha We love it!!! it is going to be great for our trio!!!!

image (1)

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