Fortin Trio Update: 27 Weeks


I am a little late on my weekly trio update, but as you may know from my last blog post: Be Still, My Heart, I am on very strict bed rest here at home. I have a dynamic cervix that was shrinking with contractions. Now, I am at home resting A LOT. I can get up to use the restroom and am on some medicine that I take every 6 hours to help with contractions.

Prior to my hospital stay, we got all moved into my parents house. As you can see, the nursery is a work in progress. We will get there. I cannot wait until it is all together. We still need 2 more cribs and a few other items. Our colors are light coral, light blue/teals, and grey. It is a Hello World theme with arrows and my antique cameras, which is appropriate since I am a photographer. My sister-in-law is coming next weekend to help decorate and organize.

image-12 image-14

Last weekend my sister sang to the babies to try and get them to move. She wasn’t the most successful, but it was so cute.


While my sister was visiting I was inspired to bust out a mini video of what zumba looks like 27 weeks with triplets!! Check out my Zumba Prego Mama video here. Getting down baby!!

My lop-sided belly. My little trio just loves the left side of my belly!!


We so appreciate your love and prayers!!! Thank you for loving our precious babies and sharing this special journey with us!!!

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