Farewell 875


Words truly cannot express the love and gratitude I feel in my heart for my church, Vista Assembly Church, and our dear friends who volunteered their time and love to be there for us. It touched my heart more than I can truly say. It is amazing when the body of Christ comes together for His people. I know that we could not have been moved out if this amazing dream team of movers didn’t come and help us yesterday. Thank you Gayelee, Cassidy, Grace, Olivia, Alyssa, Denee, James, Mariah, and Mom for being there for yesterday!!! Thank you for cleaning toilets, moving out some heavy stuff, and making trips to Mom and Dads. You are angels and my heart overflows with thanksgiving by your love and willingness to be there for us.

There girls were IRON STRONG!!!!!! Our condo was on the second floor and we used to always joke about chucking stuff over the side of the balcony, but this was pretty much genius. The girls safely got our box spring mattress over the balcony with no drops or screams. It was hilarious and perfect!!!!





Everyone worked so hard to literally clean out the house. It was amazing and blew my emotional pregnant heart away to tears.



I spent the day in my rocking chair telling everyone what to do. The boss! haha


The girls packed ALL of Ryan’s books… 8-10 boxes. Ayayay


My Mom is a dream Mom. She is selfless and has given so much of her time this last week to be there for us cleaning, packing, and moving! So excited we will be roomies!!!


Do you see that Jesus/ Statue of Liberty Painting? That gem has been sitting in our closet for the last 6 years. Ryan got it in college and has never been able to depart from it!!! However, yesterday in my eyes he gave it away to James!! In his eyes he “put it on loan” to James haha Either way, it is no longer with us!!!


Because of all the amazing help we were able to say our official farewells to our condo before it got dark. WOW!!! I was blown away!!!! We couldn’t have been our yesterday without our friends from church!!! THANK YOU so much!!! It is truly amazing when the body of Christ comes together. Ryan and I were most certainly in the position with this move where we needed the extra hands and help. There is NO WAY we could have done this without the many loved ones and even people we just met for the first  time who were there for us during this move. Thank you for being there!!! You have no idea the blessing you were to us!!!


We have shared in some special memories the last 6 years at 875 Ginger Ave. It was our first home and was hard to say goodbye, but we know God has even greater adventures for us ahead as we become a family of five!!!

One thought on “Farewell 875

  1. Hello, I have been blessed and inspired through your journey to become a mother. I’m going through the same thing. I would like to email you about my journey and I need my sister in Christ for support. It feels good to know that I am not alone.

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